The Valentine’s Day Quiz You Should Take If You Think You May Have Found The One


It’s looking like a match made in heaven, you say? Let’s test that theory!



If only there existed a crystal ball for relationships: Look into it once and it reveals who your life-long companion is or will be.


Then again, where’s the fun in that?


No matter how long or short your time with your partner, the uncertainties that lie ahead for your two or the stages in your lives you both caught each other in, love is meant to be celebrated. If not, there are plenty of reasons to still be grateful like the life lessons that inevitably come with every relationship.


Just for fun (because there’s no reason things have to be spoiled for the lovebirds out there), here’s a quiz for those who belong to team #taken this Valentine’s Day. Think you’re on to something with this relationship? Think your S.O. could be the one? Keep scrolling and take the quiz to find out!


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1. The big night for a work project you spearheaded is coming up! Your partner would likely say…


A. “Congratulations! I’m so proud of you!” and send a bouquet of flowers with a handwritten note after your event. Your S.O. feels that your work and personal lives should be kept separate, but he or she would love to hear all about it when you get together.

B. “I’d love to be there! Send me details?” and show up to the event proper, willing to mingle with your colleagues and cap off the work event with you.

C. “I’ll check my schedule to see if I can go!” and continues to praise you and shower you with wonderful words. Either way, you aren’t sure if you want to invite him or her to a work event anyway.


2. Valentine’s Day is coming up. What’s your situation like in the days leading up to February 14?


A. Your partner asks you out on a nice, formal dinner date maybe weeks in advance. It’s exciting getting to dress up for date night.

B. Your partner does something to catch you off guard and surprise you. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it is perfectly lovely and meaningful to you. 

C. It’s usually you who initiates conversations about date nights, but your partner makes sure to pitch in with ideas and you both definitely wind up doing something fun anyway.


3. You’ve had a rough day and just need one good, solid rant session. What does your S.O. do?


A. He or she lets you rant long enough but doesn’t like to let things drag and retorts with ways you can troubleshoot issues.

B. He or she lets you rant and let it all out, but reminds you you’re stronger than your trials.

C. He or she lets you rant and tells you: “things will get better.” Though the conversation ends there, they check in on you about it every now and then.


4. Your partner wants to kick back with a “good bad movie” and though you’ve both seen this guilty pleasure of his or hers about a hundred times before, you both come to the conclusion that…


A. You both agree to watch something else: a movie you both like instead.

B. You say you don’t mind because this movie, turns out, is your guilty pleasure/favorite “good bad movie,” too.

C. Since he or she really wants to see the movie right now, you get to pick the next one.


5. Conflicts in romantic relationships are inevitable. How long do your fights usually last?


A. Hmm, we don’t fight. We disagree.

B. It never lasts longer than a day (we agree to resolve things before the day ends and to never sleep with a heavy heart).

C. It depends on what we fight about.


6. When these fights arise, what’s most important to you?


A. Finding compromise.

B. Finding ways to understand your partner better.

C. Winning the argument.


7. And what do you and your partner fight about most of the time?


D. If we did, probably serious, life-changing issues.

E. How we see the same thing in different ways or react to the same scenarios differently.

F. Petty things, usually.


8. When it comes to life goals and your values, are you guys on the same page?


A. More or less.

B. Absolutely. We may have different personalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes, but not sharing the same values is a deal breaker.

D. Good question. We haven’t really talked about that, but maybe we should, no?



Before scrolling through to find out your results, keep in mind that each person has their own love language: It’s the relationship profile by Gary Chapman that suggests people express and perceive love in ways that may be different from their partner (you can discover your love language profile here).


And now (drum roll please), ready to find out whether you have found the one?



The results:


If you got mostly A’s…


Your partner could be the one. There’s a solid foundation there and on paper, your relationship looks great. In fact, signs point to a healthy, ideal relationship: You give each other enough space, let each other do their own thing and know how to deal with things rationally and diplomatically. At this point, perhaps, it’s a matter of keeping the spark alive and keeping things interesting.  


If you got mostly B’s…


Congratulations! It appears you have indeed found the one. You two are different enough to keep things interesting, but share enough similarities. Most importantly, you two are on the same page when it comes to the essential things in life like your values, goals and dreams and knowing that team work is what makes a relationship successful.


If you got mostly C’s…


It may be too early to tell if your partner’s the one, but one thing’s for sure: there’s a lot of time and room to get to know your S.O. on a deeper level. Enjoy what you have and still have a ball on Valentine’s Day!



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