Which TV or Movie Character Would Make Your Perfect Boyfriend?


We’re pairing you up with dreamy, dateable men on television or the big screen



The month of love is upon us! Lovey-dovey couples get a free pass for being extra cheesy and basking in their romance out in the open. Those who aren’t in relationships don’t necessarily miss out on anything either: they could always live it up as young, wild and shackle-free singles or spring for a date or two on Valentine’s Day. Reality aside, we dare to interject: do you ever stop to wonder about your TV show or movie character soulmate?


Here, we quiz you on the fictional gentlemen whose characters were so well-written, they’ve effectively ruined real-life boyfriends for the rest of us. But which one would you end up with? Scroll through and take the quiz to find out!


1. Which character trait do you find most endearing?


A. Humor with a little sarcasm

B. Brooding…always brooding…

C. Medyo torpe

D. The hopeless romantic


2. You’re a sucker for this kind of head of hair:


A. The modern slicked-back quiff

B. Something a little grown out (and maybe throw a beanie on there)

C. Gorgeous natural curls

D. The disheveled look with a little facial hair


3. Which act of love would win your affection?


A. He takes you on a cross-country trip to meet his entire family 

B. He stands by you and ferociously defends you against a gang of harassers

C. He writes you poetry

D. He builds you something with his bare hands


4. How would you prefer to end your date night?


A. Sipping on cocktails at a fun bar where you can dance all night

B. Splitting a milkshake at a cute, romantic diner

C. Grabbing some cold beers and spending the rest of the night talking

D. Taking a romantic stroll and maybe lying down side by side in an empty street


5. Which song would make your perfect couple anthem?

A. “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock


B. “Lovers” by Anna Of The North 

C. “I Need You More Today” by Caleb Santos


D. “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday


6. What hobby do you see yourself enjoying with your significant other?


A. Traveling to a quiet province

B. Reading and writing together

C. Seeing a festival or concert 

D. Rowing down a river and spending time with nature


7. You would rather that your TV/movie soulmate believe in…


A. Falling all in when falling in love and considering serious things like settling down

B. Being real about fighting for love but also fantasizes about a happily ever after

C. Believe in laying down a solid foundation like friendship first

D. The kind of love that’s so devoted, he wouldn’t mind waiting years and years for you



If you got mostly A’s…

Your movie boyfriend is Andrew Paxton from The Proposal



If you got mostly B’s…

You’re meant to be with Jughead Jones from Riverdale



If you got mostly C’s…

Fidel from 100 tula para kay Stella is your man



If you got mostly D’s…

Allie Hamilton can move over to give way to your relationship with Noah from The Notebook




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