Which Dystopian World Do You Belong To?


Where does your personality belong? 



By definition, a dystopia is a community, society or world that is undesirable or frightening. It may be because of government rule or an environmental catastrophe, or it may be due to a blur in the line that separates right from wrong—but no matter what reason, humans are in the middle of it, just trying to survive.


Where would you be?



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What gets on your nerves the most?

A. The mistreatment of your family

B. Getting stuck on a problem and not knowing how to solve it

C. People being trapped in a situation that they can’t help

D. Being stereotyped

E. When others take advantage of their connections

F. That there is never enough time to get everything you want done


If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

A. You’d give everyone equal opportunities

B. You’d have everyone use alternative forms of fuel and energy 

C. You’d stop the development of self-thinking robots and machines

D. You’d remove the biases of race, religion and gender

E. You’d drill in the understanding of morality to everyone that has seemed to lose their grasp of it

F. You’d get rid of health issues like AIDS and cancer


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A. You’d be stronger

B. You’d find contentment with your life

C. You’d be more courageous 

D. You’d expand your knowledge and skill on other things

E. You’d drop your pride and need for revenge

F. Your looks 



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You see someone being held up on your commute home, what do you do?

A. Put your head down and keep walking

B. Cause a commotion to draw attention to the act

C. Step in and do whatever you can to help the victim 

D. Call the authorities, but don’t step in personally 

E. Attack the perpetrator yourself 

F. Only step in if the victim called your attention 


What do you believe in the most?

A. That people should have equal opportunities 

B. That you need to go after what you want; no one else will do it for you

C. That everyone deserves freedom 

D. That one person is not and will never be the same as another

E. That people need to indulge in desires once in a while

F. That our physical selves are the only limitations we have


What scares you the most?

A. That you will never be able to reach your goals because of societal standards

B. That your ambitions might get in the way of others’ goals 

C. That the human world will one day be run by machines

D. Being typecast and not having the chance to grow beyond it 

E. Not being able to do what you want to do 

F. Leaving this earth without placing your mark on it


What’s your perfect day like?

A. Nothing in particular, just being able to do whatever you want without having to think about responsibilities  

B. Being in the comfort of your own house without disruption from anyone outside 

C. One that is not controlled by technology

D. Not going into work and doing the same thing you do every day; taking a Grab to somewhere different, eating something different and doing something different

E. Anything that involves indulging in something, whether that’s a beauty treatment, food, shopping or drinking—or all

F. Doing what you do best



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If you were forced to join a group and take part in a mysterious experiment, what would you take with you?

A. A photo of your entire family

B. Nothing, your cleverness and intelligence is enough

C. Nothing, you trust that they’ll give you whatever you may need

D. The essentials: Food, some water and a change of clothes 

E. Something to defend yourself with

F. Money or anything valuable in case you need to bribe someone


If the end of the world was coming in two hours, what would you do?

A. Find a peaceful spot and wait

B. Prepare to fight through it

C. Try to find a way to stop Armageddon  

D. The one thing you never had the courage to do

E. Something illegal that you always had an itch to get done 

F. Digitally save everything you can (maybe someone will come across and find a use for it one day)


When you envision the future, what do you see?

A. A more defined division between rich and poor 

B. An overpopulated world that makes it almost impossible to move and live 

C. Downloadable knowledge, superhuman skills and self-thinking machines

D. Pretty much the same: People are born into their lives and stay in that little bubble

E. Morality is no longer a factor in decision making and only laws will dictate what can and cannot be done 

F. People will be unrecognizable and immortality is achievable  



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If you picked


Mostly A’s – Hunger Games

You belong in the Hunger Games, although maybe not the game itself. You believe that no one should be restricted by a life that they didn’t choose and that the worst possible thing a person can do is accept their “fate.”  You aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone if you believe it will make you a better individual, especially if it will also be for the benefit of those around you. 




Mostly B’s – Ready Player One

You’re frustratingly aware of the fact that the Earth can only provide so much and that people are taking more than they should, but you also know that everything starts with you. You do whatever you can do decrease your waste and help the environment. Despite this, you’re also guilty of trying to escape the harshness of reality and getting lost in your own world.  




Mostly C’s – The Matrix

While you enjoy the developments of technology and are unafraid to reap its benefits, there’s a little part of you that’s scared with just how quickly science is changing things up. Artificial intelligence and self-thinking robots? No thank you. But while you hate chancing upon articles that congratulate discoveries, you do like to think about how science could improve you. 




Mostly D’s – Divergent 

Tris Prior, is that you? You hate it whenever people stereotype others based on anything at all, whether that’s race, religion, gender or even their college degree. And it especially boils your blood whenever ability is predetermined based on these biases. You love learning about anything you can get your hands on and your general knowledge is top notch and almost unmatched. 




Mostly E’s – The Purge

Don’t be shocked and scared and angry; we’re not saying you would kill someone given the chance. You do, however, think that indulging on something once in a while is not a bad thing and might actually be beneficial. You don’t mind treating yourself to a good thing once in a while because you know it keeps you level-headed and sane (and not want to kill someone). 




Mostly F’s – Altered Carbon 

You hate the idea of mortality and the time limit that it forces upon you. You have big ideas for yourself and everyone that you hold dear, but you know that you need to get started on them ASAP in order to achieve them and reap the benefits. You aren’t selfish (not by a long shot), but you do know that you only have 24 hours in a day and you have your priorities, so you like to-do-lists and plans. 




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