Which Pinoy Love Song Best Describes Your Love Life?


Which Pinoy Love Song Best Describes Your Love Life?



While the Pinoy music scene is as varied and colorful as the Filipinos themselves, we all have a soft spot for songs that tug at the sawi in all of us. There’s nothing like a mellow tune and hugot lyrics to bring us to that place that makes us wish we were in love, remind us of a time when we were or bring us back to that awful in between right after a breakup.


And we know that you have your favorites in the big sea of Filipino love songs—some classic Regina Velasquez, acoustic Nina or mellow Gary V—but what do these favorites say about you?



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Which best describes your current situation? 

A. There’s someone you have your eye on, but you just can’t make bring yourself to make a move

B. You go on dates, but you just haven’t found someone that measures up to your ex

C. You’re getting used to the fact that you won’t feel butterflies for a while

D. You’re single and you’re fine, but your thoughts still drift back to the one that got away 

E. You dread going home alone 


How would you ask out a crush?

A. Through a well thought out text

B. Casually throw in a dinner invite during conversation 

C. Call them up and ask if they have time to hang out

D. Ask them out to dinner in person, but make sure they know it’s a date

E. Invite them over 


How do you know when you’re ready to start dating again?

A. When you can actually bring yourself up to ask someone out 

B. If there’s someone that piques your interest, you go for it 

C. When you don’t feel the sting of an old flame anymore

D. When you’re willing to put yourself in a position of vulnerability 

E. When they don’t cloud your thoughts every night before you fall asleep


At the start of a new relationship, how do you know the person is special to you?

A. When you’re finally comfortable sitting across the table from them

B. When they’re able to give you important insight

C. One word: Kilig

D. When you’re willing to go out of your way for them 

E. When you just want them to be in your arms all the time 


Where do you go for some time alone?

A. In front of a television set 

B. Out for a nice dinner

C. Up a mountain 

D. A mellow gig

E. Your room 


What did you do right after your most recent breakup?

A. Go home and think about all the conversations you guys had

B. Wish you could call the one person that really understood you 

C. Delete the photos on your phone

D. Wonder if it was worth setting time aside for them when you could have been doing something else

E. Go to bed and try to sleep 



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Do you think ex-lovers can ever become friends? Why?

A. No, there’s no way to change how you see a person 

B. Yes, as long as the feelings are no longer there 

C. Yes, once both parties have gotten over the idea of getting back together 

D. No, there’s always too much baggage 

E. It depends on how much you loved them (or still do)


Do you think it’s better to get to know someone as a friend first? 

A. Yes, there’s nothing better than a naturally budding relationship 

B. It depends, if there’s outright chemistry then just go for it

C. No, just go for it

D. Yes, because then you’re walking into the relationship with much-needed information 

E. No, because then you’ll be risking so much more


What would you tell your most recent ex?

A. That it was a real effort for you to open up and you wish you didn’t bother 

B. That you’re sorry, but it just didn’t get to the point when your relationship felt natural 

C. That you had a good time, but you just didn’t see it going long term

D. That you prioritized them as best as you could, but other things got in the way 

E. That you hope you didn’t hurt them too much 


What would you tell the one that got away?

A. That no one will ever make them feel as comfortable as they did

B. That you haven’t found anyone that can handle you as well as they did 

C. That you’re thankful for the time you had, but you know you’re better off without them 

D. That you did your best to give them the world you know they deserved

E. That you would have spent every night in their arms if you could


If you picked

Mostly A’s: Torpe

It takes a lot out of you to ask someone out or accept an invite to dinner, so you never dive in. You’re cautious and calculated with your moves, so your friends know that someone is special when you go out with them.


Don’t worry so much about first impressions and making something out of what could be nothing. You never know until you try—so just try. 




Mostly B’s: Your Universe

There was someone in your life that you thought the world of and just understood all the parts of you without needing an explanation.


It’s time to stop looking for that same connection in other people. Just let things happen naturally and you might even chance upon something better.




Mostly C’s: Hindi Na Babalik

You remember what it was like to be in love and you hold that part of your life close to your heart. But you’re satisfied with your life right now and have gotten past the hurt and disappointment.


You’re more cautious with your heart now, but just be mindful of how cautious you are—don’t close yourself off because of past mistakes. 




Mostly D’s: Tadhana

There’s someone in your past that you once gave everything to, but it still wasn’t enough for whatever reason. You still think about them from time to time, but you have accepted the fact that things are over.


You wonder when you’ll ever put yourself out like that again, but don’t worry. Someone will come along and you won’t have to force anything with them. 




Mostly E’s: Tulog Na

You love being in love and you never stray away from a possible relationship. Having someone in your arms gives you comfort like nothing else.


Just don’t spread yourself out too thin, you might mistake chemistry for boredom.



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