Quiz: Could It Be Time For A Career Change?


On that note: is it a sign if you’ve been asking yourself this question a lot?



Once we are thrusted into the working world, we are confronted with #adulting decision #1: How should we make a living?


The conventional route is a nine-to-six day job. The less conventional yet equally challenging route is self-employment. The least conventional but utterly arduous route involves side gigs next to even more side gigs, a combination of several types of career moves. All these are viable options for a single life-defining decision. And it definitely puts “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” into perspective. It’s much easier said than done and that’s the truth.



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In reality, there is merit to paying your dues, sticking things out for the character-building aspects of work and confronting that, sometimes, passion just doesn’t pay the bills. This doesn’t mean, however, that a career that’s a better fit for us isn’t out there…and perhaps it’s time to reconsider continuing the career search, the end goal being: finding our ikigai. With this in mind, here’s a quiz for starters:


1. When someone you just met asks you, “So, what do you do?” how do you typically respond?


A. You go a little beyond sharing your job description and get very excited about touching on milestones that you’re really proud of 

B. You tend to stick to the technical deets kind of like an elevator pitch

C. You give them your job description and the place where you work


2. When an old friend you’re catching up with asks you, “So, how has work been?” how do you typically respond?



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A. With tons of updates

B. “It’s ok”

C. “Same old, same old”


3. When someone asks you, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” and you think of still being at your current job, you…


A. Think about having worked your way up (perhaps to the position that’s always been part of your #careergoals)

B. Only hope you stayed for good reasons (right now, it’s looking like there will be good reasons anyway)

C. Get scared…really scared…then kind of sad


4. Who pushes you to do or be better at work?


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A. Mostly myself since I always want to top my last performance and keep the challenges coming

B. Mostly my peers. Hey, success and progress are marked by teamwork!

C. Mostly my boss 


5. If it weren’t for the pay, would you still be at this job?


A. Yes, of course.

B. Huh. Good point.

C. Straight up? No.


6. How do you typically cap off your workday?


A. Tired but inspired

B. Tired but satisfied

C. Tried in every sense of the word


7. What kind of compromises are you making to be able to perform well at work?


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A. Sometimes me time and hours of sleep

B. Sometimes time with family and family

C. Sometimes my health


Now, the results:

If you got mostly A’s…


You seem to have a career plan in place, which is good, and it’s giving you a clear direction as to where you want to take things. The challenge now could be pushing yourself further to think and live outside the box.


If you got mostly B’s…


Can’t decide if you’ve hit a career plateau or if progress is actually just on the horizon? It’s looking like a good idea to stick things out with your current job (there may be a lot left to learn here), but hey, having an exit strategy wouldn’t hurt. Use your free time to dabble in the things that spark your interest. You might hit gold with a potential new career that combines your current skillset and something you genuinely like.


If you got mostly C’s…


If you feel like you’re wasting away at a job that doesn’t make you happy, it’s time for a career change. Take this time to find yourself a career mentor, discuss things with your friends who are happy at their jobs and hold a no holds barred conversation about what it is you want to achieve in your lifetime.



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