Who Is Your Onscreen Mom Persona?


Discover which of these TV and film moms you identify with!



Here’s a theory: we all turn into our mothers (yes, sometimes even the men).


We’ve heard this daunting idea time and time again. It isn’t a bad thing, but it can be pretty scary thinking about growing up and following in the footsteps of the women who raised us, picking up her traits, maybe picking up their mannerisms or their strange “Mom” lingo.


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Thankfully, we don’t have to think that far ahead. Instead, let’s focus on the here, the now and the fictional. TV and film have brought us countless iconic mothers through the years, each one with their own strengths, flaws and quirks. Which of these memorable women do you think you’re like? Take the quiz below to find out.


1. Choose an emoji







2. You’re throwing a birthday party for your kid. How will you decide the theme?

A I’ll take all my child’s suggestions into consideration

Whatever celebrity moms are doing! Who better to pick up pointers from, right?


I’ll decide on the best theme for my child

A birthday party? Maybe we could opt for a small family dinner instead

E I’ll give my kid whatever they ask for, as long as I can provide it



3. You would describe yourself as…

Selfless, and a good listener

B Young and hip


C Strong-willed and brave

D Hardworking and caring

E Feisty and outspoken



4. Pick a hairstyle.

Something eye-catching. Ooh, perhaps a beehive!


Beach waves or whatever is trendy

A short, cropped ‘do

 D A bob, simple and easy to manage

E Smooth and straight



5. You get a call from the school principal informing you that your kid is in his/her office. What do you do?

A Listen to both sides of the story. I’m sure my kid had their reasons!


B Detention? No big deal. It’s part of growing up

C Challenge the authorities. My children know better than to get into detention

D Objectively discuss the situation with the teacher before talking it out with my child

E Personally speak to the teacher and find out what happened



6. Which shoe do you like best?

A ZALORA Easy Slides, P1299

B TOPSHOP Marcelle Patent Sandals, P2195


C PUBLIC DESIRE Chaos Colour Point-Toe Ankle Boots, P2879


D BUTTERFLY TWISTS Olivia Ballet Flat, P2299


E WORLD BALANCE Weave Walk Ladies Sneakers, P1699



7. Which of the following is your dream getaway?

A day at the spa. The best way to unwind after all my mom duties!


A trip to Bali. The sea, sand and margaritas all day? Perfect

C A faraway destination. No people, lots of wine.

 D I’d bring my kids along for a family trip they’d enjoy

E A cooking class in another country sounds like a dream!



8. Your teenage kid asks permission to go out partying unchaperoned. What do you do, Mom?

A Alright, as long as they’re careful!

B Let them go, obviously! Maybe even lend them my credit card


C Ask who will be there. My kids can’t be around just anybody

D I would let them go, but not without reminding them not to do anything I wouldn’t approve of

E I’d let them go but would keep watch from a distance, just in case anything bad happens








Mostly A’s

You’re Marge Simpson from The Simpsons


For starters, Marge was voted Britain’s favorite TV mother in 2010 and has stayed in every The Simpsons fan’s heart since—with good reason. Quirky, caring and extremely selfless, Marge manages raising three kids and a husband while keeping her iconic beehive ‘do in check.


Mostly B’s

What’s the 4/11? You’re Mrs. George from Mean Girls!


You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom. While a lot of people poke fun at Mrs. George’s… liberal parenting style, she wants nothing but the best for her kids. She understands that growing up is all about having fun and making the most of each moment. Mojitos, anyone?


Mostly C’s

Cersei from Game of Thrones is your onscreen mom persona!


Cersei Lannister may be ruthless, but one thing’s for certain: she loves her kids. Behind her questionable decisions and cunning attitude lie a woman who would put nearly anything on the line to keep her children alive.


Mostly D’s

You’re an icon. You’re Josie from Anak!


Arguably the quintessential Filipino mother, Vilma Santos’ portrayal of Josie in Anak was unforgettable. The OFW mother who came home to an unwelcoming family, Josie remains hardworking and selfless through it all. Family first, always.


Mostly E’s

You’re Jo Kangja from Angry Mom!


There’s a fire blazing within Jo Kangja, a high school gangster-turned-teen mom. Upon discovering that her daughter is having a tough time at school, she goes undercover as a student and tries to wrong the rights in the school system. Feisty, outspoken and perhaps a little reckless, she’s the kind of mom who would do even the most ridiculous things to give her child the life she deserves.




Whether you’re a Marge, a Mrs. George, a Cersei, a Josie or a Jo Kangja, there’s no doubting that there’s plenty to respect and learn from each of these women. But let’s not overlook the number one women in our lives: our own moms. Mother’s Day may be over, but it isn’t too late to thank our own leading ladies who teach us to #LoveLikeMom.