Quiz: How Can You Transform Your Home?


Take the quiz to find out!



Home is where the heart is. However, despite how ideal home may already be there will always be little ways to make it even better, more efficient, and more comfortable. Discover what it is that your home needs by taking the quiz below!


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1. What do you look forward to most when you get home?

A.   Hours of uninterrupted binge-watching 

B.   Catching up on all the social media updates missed at work

C.   Discovering a new movie or series 

D.   Laying in bed and scrolling through the net for hours


2. Choose your favorite room in your home.

A.   My bedroom

B.   Study room

C.   Living room

D.   Anywhere I can get some time to myself


3. What’s your idea of a perfect getaway?

A.   Non-stop shopping, all day and all night

B.   Anywhere safe and cozy

C.   A busy city full of activities that I can fill my itinerary with

D.   A far-flung island (but with wifi, of course!)


4. Which of these is your pet peeve?

A.   Commercial breaks in the middle of a good movie. The worst!

B.   Those pesky virus-infected pop-ups on the internet

C.   When there is absolutely nothing good playing on TV

D.   Having to leave my favorite spot in the room, just when you got comfy


5. Quick! Choose the one device in your home that you can’t give up.

A.   My personal laptop

B.   Family desktop

C.   TV

D.   I’ll be okay as long as I have my phone!


6. Which of the following do you value most?

A.   Maximizing my time

B.   Protecting my belongings

C.   Staying entertained

D.   Convenience, always


7. Choose your worst nightmare.









Mostly A’s: You need uninterrupted entertainment

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Mostly B’s: You need a more secure connection

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Mostly C’s: You need more streaming options, right at your fingertips

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Mostly D’s: You need connectivity in every nook and cranny

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