Finding Love In The Age of Technology & Why It Works


For the naysayers and doubters 



A lot of us have embraced almost everything technology has had to offer over the past few years, especially since services like streaming and online shopping have made life a lot easier. Despite this, however, there is still a stigma towards one of tech’s biggest trends: Online dating.


The stigma often comes because of the “unnatural” way of meeting people, which is a stark difference from the meet cutes that helped make You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair To Remember so iconic. But that was way back when the mere act of online chatting was new, snail mail was still the go-to and people had to agree on specific dates and times to meet up as they’d never be able to find each other otherwise.



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So as much as these things have made way for more efficient practices (read: not replaced), the same has become for dating. And really, there are so many other benefits.


Gives you access to the “sea” of which everyone says there are so many fish

Everyone says that the world is small, but this is only so because our circles are small. Most of us have a single core group of friends that we generally stick with for the majority of our lives, which makes it very difficult to really connect with anyone outside of it.


On the other hand, dating apps give you access to people you might never meet otherwise. People with different passions, different ways of thinking and different humors. After all, there are other fish in the sea—you just need the right net.


Yes, it’s faster, but it still allows you to go at your own pace

It doesn’t take a genius to find out that swiping left or right is faster than going on dates every week. If you’re interested, you swipe right. If you aren’t, swipe left. It’s quick, painless and easy. But while this part of the process is quick, you are under no obligation to actually speak with your matches or meet up with them. Anything that follows can still be traditional if that’s what you’re looking for.



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Instant(ish) compatibility

Because you can filter out things like age, location and gender, you have a bigger chance of being compatible with those that you actually do match with. Moreover, swiping right isn’t just about looks. If you’re seriously using online dating to find something real, then you’ll have to do the work and read the brief profiles that come with photos. Check out what they’re interested in, what they aren’t and what they’re looking for. And if these match up with yours, then go for it.


There’s an added level of security

Online dating is somewhat dangerous, yes, but it isn’t any more dangerous than meeting someone at a party, talking to them and eventually exchanging numbers. Some dating services even let you block the individual you’ve matched with in case anything fishy goes down. You can always get out of it if you want to. You just need to take the right precautions. Don’t exchange any personal information until you’ve talked to them for a while or maybe even after you actually meet them. Be smart.


Let’s be honest—it’s cheaper

Most online dating apps or websites don’t require any cost to set up a profile. And even if you go for a premium account, the finances aren’t going to strangle you—unlike, say, going out for dinner and drinks.


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Online dating is a thing of the present and it’s more than likely to be a thing of the future as well. Times are changing and that includes how we as a generation get out there and meet new people. There’s no need to look down on the practice or stay away from it simply because others think it’s fake or unnatural.


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