To The Forever Third Wheel, This One’s For You


Time to master your role!



For some reason, being the third wheel is seen as a bad thing. Maybe it’s because it proves that you’re single and your couple-friends have to take you with them everywhere. Maybe it’s because outsiders see you as an obstacle to an otherwise perfect dinner-for-two date. But then again, don’t third wheels make dates more interesting and less routine? Well, it can—if you keep a few things in mind.


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Don’t go unless they ask

First things first, you should stay away from freely inviting yourself to their dates. You never know what’s going on in their conversations and they might have already made plans by the time that you hint wanting to join.


Offer to pay your share

It’s 2017 and not one person should be paying for everything, especially when there’s an extra mouth to feed or buy a ticket for. So cut them some slack and offer to pay for your share of the night. If they still insist, then that’s totally your call—just don’t assume that you’re in for a free ride.



Give them their time alone

With or without a third wheel, a date is still a date. Let them walk behind or in front of you sometimes so they can be sweet without a prying eye watching them. Be the first to go home, don’t overstay your welcome and definitely don’t sit in between them.


If they fight, stay out of it at all costs

Fights between couples are inevitable and sometimes they come in with no warning whatsoever. And if they’re comfortable enough around them, they won’t even save it for after dinner. But if they ask for your opinion, try to keep out of it.



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Talk to both of them

Chances are, you’re closer to one half of the couple than the other—you can’t help things like that. But if you’re out with of them, make it a point to speak to them both. Don’t keep the conversation one sided and don’t let be afraid to chime in on the conversation either!


But be careful with what you say

When you’re out with your couple, you have to be a little careful with what you say. A few things that one might have told you in private might not be something that you can share with the other.




Being a third wheel doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Use it to your advantage and make the experience better for you and your couple-friends—they’ll love you all the more for it!