Russell Westbrook Is Not Just MVP, He’s Also NBA’s Most Stylish Player


Slaying it on and off the court



If you haven’t heard of Russell Westbrook, you’ve seriously been living under a rock. He was awarded the MVP for NBA season 2016-2017, so you know he’s one of the league’s best players. And while he has the numbers and awards to prove this, we’re here to point out that he’s been slaying off the court, too.



But first, his time on the court.

For season 2016 to 2017, Westbrook had an average of 11.6 rebounds, 10.8 assists per game and a notable 37.4 points scored per game. The triple double is not a feat that many players successfully reach so for this and so much more, Westbrook deserved to be named MVP.


The basketball world knows that it will see so much more from Westbrook. Michael Jordan, one of NBA’s most popular players of all time, even sent him a note after Westbrook was named MVP.



Now, his style.

While there is no doubt that Westbrook has been on fire on the court, a look at his Instagram page proves that he’s been hot off the court, too. His style is definitely street sleek and he seems to have a knack for putting pieces together in a way that one would never expect.


He thinks about everything, from where he buttons his shirts to how many buttons he’ll actually close. And he isn’t afraid to accessorize either. He’s sported bandanas, colored sunglasses and even bucket hats.


Images via Instagram/RussWest44


And his jean collection? Ogle worthy. 


Images via Instagram/RussWest44


But we must say, he cleans up pretty well, too. 


Images via Instagram/RussWest44



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