The 2018 NBA Playoffs Kick Off


We’re almost at the last quarter



The 2018 NBA Playoffs started less than two weeks ago, but so much has already happened: A series end, an avoided sweep and two ties to name a few. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve only just begun, but this also likely means that there are more exciting times to look forward to as the 2018 NBA Finals looms closer.


Western Conference


Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves

With only three games in their series, the Houston Rockets are leading with two wins against Minnesota’s one. The fourth game is happening on April 23 and will be hosted by the Timberwolves.



Game 3 top performers: Jimmy Butler (Timberwolves; 28 points), Karl-Anthony Towns (Timberwolves; 18 points, 16 rebounds)


Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs

The Golden State Warriors have a lot riding on them, as they’re coming off an NBA Finals win from last year. Taking their first three games in their series against the San Antonio Spurs, it looked like we were going to see a sweep. The Spurs clearly had another future in mind, however, as they took the fourth game with a 13-point lead.


San Antonio has a lot riding on the fifth game this April 24.



Game 3 top performers: Kevin Durant (Warriors; 34 points, 13 rebounds), LaMarcus Aldridge (Spurs; 22 points, 10 rebounds), Manu Ginobili (Spurs; 16 points, 5 assists)


Portland Trail Blazers vs New Orleans Pelicans

A team that did sweep their first series in the 2018 Playoffs are the New Orleans Pelicans. The Alvin Gentry-coached team won four straight games and are moving to the next round.



Game 4 top performers: Anthony Davis (Pelicans; 47 points, 11 rebounds) and Jrue Holiday (Pelicans; 41 points, 8 assists)


Oklahoma City Thunders vs Utah Jazz

With four more games left in their series, there’s really no telling at this point whether the OKC Thunders or the Utah Jazz will be making it to the next round of the Playoffs. As it stands, however, Utah has the upper hand with two wins against OKC’s single win.



Game 3 top performers: Ricky Rubio (Jazz; 26 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists), Joe Ingles (Jazz; 21 points)


Eastern Conference


Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards

The Raptors took home the first two games in their home state, scoring 114 and 130 respectively against Washington’s 106 and 119 points. But with the cheers of their court leading them on, the Wizards scooped up the next two games, winning by 19 and then 9 points.


The teams are heading back to Toronto and then Washington for the fifth and sixth games, respectively. If necessary, the Raptors and Wizards will face off in Toronto for a seventh game.



Game 4 top performers: Bradley Beal (Wizards; 31 points), John Wall (Wizards, 27 points, 14 assists)


Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks

The Boston Celtics got off to an early lead in their series against the Milwaukee Bucks, scoring 113 - 107 and 120 - 106. But eager to get their own win in the Playoffs, Milwaukee quickly won the third and fourth games.


The fifth game between the Celtics and Bucks is scheduled for April 24 in the Boston court, as will the seventh game should it be necessary.



Game 4 top performers: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks; 27 points, game-winning tip-in), Jaylen Brown (34 points)


Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat

It looked like it was going to be a tight series between Philadelphia and Miami, with each team taking one of the first two games. But whoever thought that was quickly denied as the 76ers took the next two games, despite being at a home court disadvantage. This means that April 24 could mark the end of this series.



Game 4 top performers: Ben Simmons (76ers; 17 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists)


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers

Being in your home court is a big deal in the NBA, as cheers and jeers from the crowd can help make or break a team. But when it comes to the Cavs and the Pacers this season, this practice just doesn’t hold as much bearing.


Each team took turns winning over the other, with the Pacers starting things off in the Cleveland court. Right now, we’re now at a tie with a fifth game scheduled for April 25 in Cleveland again.



Game 4 top performers: LeBron James (Cavs; 32 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists), Kyle Korver (Cavs; 18 points with 2 clutch 3-points in the 4th quarter)


Could the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers be meeting again for the 2018 NBA Finals? Only time will tell, but we’re sure in for an exciting ride until then.



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