NBA Finals 2018: Is History Due To Repeat Itself?


Games 1 and 2 went to the Warriors; where did the Cavs go wrong?



The 2017-2018 NBA Season is at its last chapter as the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors face each other once again on the Finals court. But while we can count how many games are left with one hand, it doesn’t mean that the excitement is any more subdued. In fact, there are only more eyes and ears out for any and all news surrounding this history-making matchup.


As the fourth consecutive Finals battle between the teams—and with the Warriors wearing 3 out of the last 4 Championship Rings—you know the Cavs are digging deep to tip the scales in their favor.



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But as much as this is so, Games 1 and 2 went to the Golden State Warriors.



So at the rate things are going, is history due to repeat itself?


Game 1: Golden State Warriors, 124-114


The first game of this year’s finals went to Golden State in overtime as the two teams ended the 4th quarter with 107 points apiece. It was a close game all throughout with the Cavs and the Warriors hitting basket per basket and play per play. And it all came down to those last few seconds on the clock.


Up until now, everyone is talking about those last seconds in the 4th quarter—which many consider the only opening the Cavs had to win. With George Hill missing his second shot at the free throw line, JR Smith took the offensive rebound. But instead of taking the shot, Smith dribbled out thinking that his team already had the lead.


When overtime began, Cleveland had clearly lost a bit of their fire and experienced the biggest point deficit of the night. In the end, the Warriors took home the win with a 10-point lead, despite LeBron James’ epic 51-point game.


Game 2: Golden State Warriors, 122-103


Game 2 was a different story altogether as the Warriors kept the lead at the end of all four quarters. There wasn’t hardly as much controversy as many consider the Cavs simply outplayed—and particularly hurt by Steph Curry’s Finals record-making nine 3-pointers. 


LeBron and the rest of his teammates do deserve some credit, however, as they all tried to keep up with the Warriors in the first three quarters. But by the time that the 4th quarter clock started and Curry had successfully shot five times from beyond the paint, the competitive spirit just wasn’t the same anymore.


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The Golden State Warriors are now just two games away from a back-to-back championship. And with Klay Thompson having a few more days to continue healing his ankle, as well as Andre Iguodala’s inevitable return to the court, the Cavaliers will really have to step things up as a team. However, Game 3 will be held at the Cavs’ home court—and this is an advantage that should never be overlooked.



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