2018 NBA Season: The Conference Semi-Finals & What’s Coming Up


What can we expect? 



Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the 2018 NBA Season knows that the Finals are coming up. But before we get there, we still have a lot of action to look forward to with the Conference finals. The teams that will face off in the final league of the sport aren’t set in stone just yet, so there are a few balls still up in the air (pun intended).


Eastern Conference Semi-Finals


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors

LeBron James made headlines over the last few days as the Cleveland Cavaliers won over the Toronto Raptors. With all of their matchups considered close encounters, The King cemented the Cavs’ Playoff run.


Game 3 was a pivotal moment for LeBron’s season career as he managed to hit the game-winning shot, making the series 3-0. This is one advantage that the Cavs can boast as no other team had made it past this mark.



Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers

Despite being undermanned and with two of their star players injured, Brad Stevens outcoached Brett Brown. With a series end of 4-1, the 76ers overall inexperience became their downfall. Nevertheless, it was an outstanding Playoffs debut for rookie Ben Simmons as he led the 76ers in their Playoff run.



Eastern Conference Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics

He’s definitely on a run, so we’re looking forward to future plays from LeBron. More specifically, we can’t wait to see if Coach Stevens will be able to maneuver the Celtics to victory despite King James’ hot streak.


It’s clear that Stevens is pushing himself and his team to prove his place as one of the league’s best coaches. Was it a mistake to miss a vote for Coach of the Year? We’ll see when the Cavs and the Celtics face off in court.



Western Conference Semi-Finals


Houston Rockets vs Utah Jazz

Another amazing Playoff debut came from Donovan Mitchell, who is in the running for Rookie of the Year, as he carried his weight in the second round of the Houston Rockets versus Utah Jazz. However, the arguably best backcourt in the league proved a little too much for Utah.


The Rockets, on the other hand, is an offensive juggernaut on a mission after last season’s underachieving run. 



Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans

With fan favorite Stephen Curry’s comeback in the second round, the Golden State Warriors easily put a stop to the Pelican’s underdog hot streak. Nevertheless, New Orleans put up a good fight against the defending champs.



Western Conference Finals: Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

In the Western Conference Finals, we’re looking at the defending champs against the league’s best team this season. Can James Harden keep up the chemistry with his new superstar teammate Chris Paul to overcome the Warriors? Or will Golden State get another seat in the NBA Finals and repeat the dominance we saw last season?   



A few more weeks until we find out.



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