The NBA 2018 Conference Finals Recap


All tied up



The current NBA Season is almost at the Finals, where we might see the Cavs face off against the Warriors yet again. But before we get there, the Celtics and the Rockets are doing everything they can to change the face of the court—and are doing pretty fine job at it, too.


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East: The Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics

With two wins apiece in the Eastern Conference Finals, there’s no telling whether the Cavs or the Celtics will be making their way to the NBA Finals this season. And while it looked as if Boston was hot on the trail to the finals, Games 3 and 4 tied things up pretty quickly and proved that this is still anyone’s game. And now Boston is in a position they don’t want to be in.


On the one hand, the Celtics have a 9-0 record for home-court Playoff games and the pivotal Game 5 will be held at TD Garden. Not to mention only five teams since 2012 have been able to pull out after a 0-2 loss in the best-of-7 rounds. On the other, the team now has to defeat LeBron James and the rest of the Cavaliers in two out of the next three games. It’s a scary position, especially since King James has a reputation that precedes him.



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Of course, LeBron is going to need some help if the Cavs are going to look history in the eye and prove it wrong. Fortunately, there’s Kevin Love and Kyle Korver pulling their fair share of the weight and pressure. For the Celtics, Jason Tatum is quickly blossoming into the star he seems destined to be. Despite his rookie status, the 20-year-old has played an average of 30 minutes per game and scoring almost 14 points on average.


Also worth mentioning is LeBron’s incredible new position as the all-time playoff field goal leader. Earlier this week, he overtook Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as he scored his 2,357th playoff field goal.


West: The Golden State Warriors vs The Houston Rockets

Until today’s game, it really looked like the Golden State Warriors were the team to beat. But after an amazing run from the Warriors in Game 3, the Rockets pushed deep and brought up the score to an even 2-2 in the West. 


Steph Curry and the rest of GSW pulverized Houston in Game 3. In the second half, Curry made 11 out of 13 shots from the field. Following his lead were Kevin Durant, who scored 25 points, and Draymond Green, who had 17 rebounds. The GSW have perfected the art of playing a team game and taking full advantage of their star players—and it looked like they were taking all this to Game 4. 


But wanting the worst to already be behind them, the Rockets pulled through in today’s game, particularly in the fourth quarter. Not only did Houston tie things up in the Western Conference, but they broke a record that Golden State was holding dear. That is, a 16-win streak of home games in the playoffs. 



The Rockets were down 28-19 in the first quarter, but came back in the second with 34-18. Then Curry lit a fire in the third and ended that quarter with a 10-point lead for the Warriors. Unwilling to let their NBA Finals dreams fall through yet again, the Rockets had a 9-0 run as the fourth quarter began. As the game went on, both teams slugged it out with Houston eventually coming out on top. 


Will the Cavs come out on top of the Eastern Conference or will the Celtics put a stop to their season run? Will the Rockets surprise us all and win a seat in the Finals? Or are we all destined to see a fourth rerun of Cleveland versus Golden State?



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