Best Places to Celebrate the New Year’s In


Celebrate in solitary or in party animal fashion when you travel to these amazing places



There are some of us who think we could be celebrating New Year’s better. Like having a blast at a huge party or enjoying a swanky romantic dinner date, or traveling the world. While we suggest you make the most out of your New Year’s celebration for your own happiness, we list down the best places for you to be in based on the kind of festivities you want. Consider this a head start for planning next year’s celebration or something to tick off your bucket list in the years to come.



Valparaiso, Chile


Valparaiso holds the biggest New Year’s Eve party in Latin America. There’s a fireworks show at the coast that lasts for nearly half an hour and then a dance party that will last ‘til sunrise. Celebrations start on the 28th, so you can expect that on New Year’s Eve, the beach will be packed. Yes, it’s a long, wild beach party that will test how pumped you are for a new year.


Berlin, Germany


More than a million people will fill the two-kilometer stretch between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column for an open air party. Colorful fireworks will dart across the sky and live bands and DJs will play on various stages until the wee hours. And while you’re dancing the night away, you also get to enjoy German beer and some currywurst with fries. Did we mention that admission to the festival is free?



Napa Valley, California


Napa Valley is beloved for its beautiful scenery and quality wine. During the holidays, it’s less crowded and thus more laidback, so you can enjoy more quiet (and more sophisticated) candlelit dinners, and parties in cellars and wine caves.


Hong Kong


Hong Kong is known for its huge countdowns and stellar fireworks display by the harbor and around the city. New Year’s Eve at the streets of HK will always make you a part of the throngs of people, so if you’re looking for an intimate and fabulous place to toast to the New Year, head to rooftop bars like Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton or to the terrace of Sevva at the penthouse of Prince’s Building.



Mount Koya, Japan


As if being in this UNESCO World Heritage Site isn’t breathtaking enough, spending your New Year’s Eve at Mount Koya will enlighten you. The cool, fresh air, the massive trees, and temples and shrines topped with snow—it is truly a sight to behold. There are also guest houses and temple lodgings where you can stay a night or two if you'd like to stay here longer. And since Mount Koya is the center of a Buddhist sect, you’ll also get to experience a Buddhist New Year’s celebration.


Zermatt, Switzerland


The Alps, the snow, the village lights and a toasty chalet make Zermatt a magical place to celebrate your New Year’s in. While crowds head to the church square for the countdown, the fireworks, live music and to spray champagne at each other, you can stay in and admire the view before heading back to your book or TV series with a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate on hand.



Happy New year everyone!






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