4 Reasons to Love Craft Beer


Because good brew equals good times



What’s craft beer? You might ask. Is it a hipster thing? Well, yes, but there are plenty of reasons to like and love it even if you’re not hipster or beer educated.


Hipsters Love Beer


Craft beers are brewed in a traditional and non-mechanized way in small batches by small breweries. Unlike beer from the big corporations, craft brewers add a little more heart and soul into making quality beer.


How Local Brewer Makes Craft Beer


The Big Difference


1.  Craft beer tastes better.

It’s all because of the amazing ingredients, like hops, malts and barley they throw in to give it a richer, more distinct taste. These kinds of beer also pair better with food!


2. It gives the right buzz.

Craft beers usually have higher alcohol content and are less watered down. So you get the right buzz in less time with less trips to the bathroom. How awesome is that?


3. There’s such a thing as beer vitamins.

Quality beer is pretty loaded with nutrients, sometimes more than red wine. Do a quick search on the net and you’ll find out many craft beers boast B vitamins in it as well as antioxidants.


4. You can enjoy it better.

How? Look, agitate, smell and taste to round out the flavors. Also when pouring, tilt the glass sideways to give you a nice, Instagram-worthy beer head.



Local Craft Beers to Try

The country’s local craft brewers are growing in number. Here are some of the best local craft beers (all distributed by The Philippine Craft Kings or The PCK) we’ve tried so far:


Katipunan Craft Ales




Nipa Brew


Great Islands


The Laughing Carabao


Crazy Carabao 



Now have at it and, as they say, let the good times roll.






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