6 Local Roads Less Traveled You Can Visit Over the Holy Week Break


Are you a business owner planning your next Holy Week vacation? These local destinations will give you more knowledge and a fresh perspective on the Philippines



It's time to take a break from all that work you've been toiling on since the year started. Holy Week is the perfect time to relax for a few days and go on ultimate vacation mode—so you get back to business with a refreshed mind.


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These secluded and non-touristy destinations in the Philippines will show you that there's more to our country than what we usually see in pictures. Plus, creating your own itinerary will give you control over your timetable and put your survival skills to the test. Enjoy!


Explore the water adventures in Pangasinan.

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Pangasinan will never leave you dry as it abounds with water activities that will surely sate your vitamin sea craving. Visit the Rock View Resort to witness breathtaking rock formations, the Hundred Islands for snorkeling activities, or the Bolinao Lighthouse to finally get that perfect sunset shot.


Sail away to Quezon's underrated beaches.

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Quezon is the Philippines' mermaid paradise—literally and figuratively speaking—as it is home to breathtaking and unspoiled white beaches that you never knew existed. Visit the mile-long sandbar of Cagbalete Island or the Puting Buhangin in Pagbilao. For a bonus side trip, visit Ugu Bigyan's Pottery Garden at Lusacan, which is perfect for the artisan in you.

Go spelunking in Sagada.

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Sagada's caves have the best rock formations in the north. You don't have to be a pro to try spelunking; let the tour guides aid you in traversing these boulders. Checkout the Sumaguing Cave, which is the biggest in the province and contains countless rock formations inside—perfect for photo-ops! Don't forget to warm up before the trip and to wear your trek sandals to prevent accidents.

Learn about organic farming in Bukidnon.

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If you want to start embracing a healthier lifestyle, there's no better way to do it than to learn from scratch. At Jaya's Secret Garden, you will learn how to plant flowers and vegetables, compost your biodegradable leftovers and even create your own garden, which is especially helpful if you ever want to have your own urban farm.

Contribute to biodiversity conservation in El Nido.

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Nothing beats the scenic view of El Nido—not to mention its beautiful biodiversity, which is home to wild birds, dolphins and whales. You'll learn through El Nido's impressive nature-based activities that there are a lot of sustainable operations that you can implement in your own community. From water and energy conservation to coastal cleanup and installation of mooring buoys, you won’t leave El Nido unchanged.

Experience the nomadic life in Batanes.

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Batanes is a dream destination among citydwellers for its elusive geographical location—it is actually nearer to Taiwan than Luzon! Its tranquil and zero crime rate zone entices backpackers to take a visit. Laden with history and culture, Batanes deserves a spot in your bucket list.


And of course, wherever you decide to go during the Holy Week, remember to take care of nature everywhere you go. You can start by following the Footprints Project.


Cheers, because life is good!



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