Siargao Is On Everyone's Go-To List This Year. Here's Why


You’ve heard its name, now it’s time to learn the truth behind the hype



There’s a reason why Siargao has been dubbed the “Surfing Capital Of The Philippines,” but don’t let the title scare you. The waves are for everybody, no matter what level you think you’re on. And even if you’re still fearful of the waters, there is still so much to do.


Get lost in the swells.

The first thing we have to knock down is the surfing in Siargao. Countless individuals have praised the beaches for their waves and it’s all very enticing. And the best thing is that Siargao is filled with surfing breaks. You can choose your piece of heaven, settle in and run to the water. 



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Don’t second guess yourself.

If you’re choosing between spending more days in Siargao or less, always choose more. You won’t get sick of the island, as many other visitors will tell you. And even if you’re four nights in, you’ll dread heading back to the daily grind. So keep your cool and take those extra days.


Load up a boat.

Island hopping is a standard option to take, but what’s great in Siargao is that you can get a boat with a bunch of strangers, make friends and enjoy the day together. Choose between the clear stretches of sand or smaller islands littered with palm trees—pick your poison or drown in it all.


Visit natural wonders to die for.

We highly doubt it will happen, but on the off chance that you get sick of the waves and the sand, then you can visit Siargao’s other beautiful spots. The place is littered with lagoons, caves, rock formations, rice fields and waterfalls. You can even check out the mangrove forest reserve and introduce yourself to the exotic wildlife.