The 3 Best Asian Countries To Visit For Soul-Searching Solo Travels


Everyone should take at least one solo trip in their lifetime



It’s great fun to take trips out of the country with friends and family, but you’ll hardly get any time to yourself during these moments. You’ll be too busy making conversation and taking group photos to really reflect and take a look around. There’s just something calming about discovering something for the first time when you’re on your own.


People say that we should all take at least one solo trip in our lifetimes, so why not do it now?





The Angkor Wat is a must-see in general and seeing the immense temple complex will take your breath away. You can spend hours just taking in the architecture and wondering how the entire 162.6 hectare land was completed in the 12th century. The temples are in technical ruin now, but that just adds to its character. If you’re lucky, you’ll even chance upon a monkey or a praying Buddhist.


It’s great for solo travels because the people are so used to tourists and there is so much to do even if you just stay in Siem Reap. Visit Pub Street for a drink and chat with the other vacationers and bartenders, or go shopping in the market streets. But as a rule, always have your phone with you and always have battery. Take the Besiter Eclipse 4 Portable Powerbank in case of emergency.




One of the most popular destinations right now is Japan and we completely understand why. It’s a safe place to visit and there’s always something going on. You can choose from the more visited cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, or you can opt for the less traveled Sapporo. And if it helps you to listen to music, listen to some tunes with the Motorola Pulse 2 Wired On-Ear Headphones


Each city has its own niche. Tokyo is incredibly modern and fast-paced, Osaka is a great hub to go food-tripping and while Kyoto is where you can find the temples, it’s Sapporo that’s great during Christmas time. Just be careful not to get lost, because their train system can get a little overwhelming.




As one of the more visited countries by backpackers, there is no wonder why Thailand is frequented by solo vacationers. You’ll more than likely run into another individual that’s making their way alone when you try the local cuisine that is delicious and always surprising. You can go to Chiang Mai, which is quieter than Bangkok. The space has lush greeneries and mountains, and houses over 300 Buddhist temples. And to make sure that you can document your travels, always make sure to have the Supremo 4k WiFi Action Camera bundle with you.


Do take some time to go to Bangkok and shop as well. Give your bargaining skills a test, because this is where we Filipinas really shine. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal?




Do it. Book that flight and give yourself a treat you’ll never forget. And if you’re worried about where to stay, just head over to Agoda and check ratings or read comments on area and hotel. Make the most out of it and get Globe Rewards.