Why Everyone Is Heading To La Union


It’s one of the hottest places to go to this summer



We live in an archipelago with more than enough beaches, but some stick out more than others. This season, we have our eyes set on La Union for its beauty, charm and practicality.


Stay on the ground.

La Union is just a drive away from Metro Manila. Depending on the traffic, it can take you some 4 to 6 hours, but just make a road trip out of it. Load up the car with the right tunes, some pillows, snacks and even drinks—non alcoholic for the drivers!


Surf the waters.

Surfing has become a favorite past time of Filipinos recently, and La Union is one of the go-to surfing locations in the north. If you’re a newbie, there are several surf schools that offer lessons that will get you standing on that board. And if you’re on your way to being an expert, the waves will sometimes still give you a challenge. 



Bathe in the sun.

In those brief moments you want to step away from the water and just mellow down underneath the sun, La Union’s sand will give you reprieve. There’s enough space for you to relax and listen to music, but there’s room for beach sports as well.


Visit the landmarks.

Sure, you go for the sea and sand, but it’s always better when a place offers more than that. There are several places to visit in La Union that don’t involve the beaches. Take a trip to the Poro Point Lighthouse, the Tangadan Falls, the Ma-Cho Temple, Bahay na Bato and the Namacpacan Church.


Forget that diet.

With all the travelling, swimming and surfing, we’re sure you’re going to work up an appetite. Fortunately, La Union is filled with restaurants where you can get your fill. And no, we do not mean just seafood. 




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