Why Finland Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List


Mark your calendars, boys and girls! You’ll want to get on a plane ASAP



When someone dreams of going to Europe, they normally make sure that they make stops at Barcelona, Paris and Rome. But there are other parts of the continent that are worth consideration, especially when it has so much to offer. Finland, which rests in a corner of Northern Europe, can cater to all types of visitors and tourists.


The one that appreciates art and history

Helsinki is the main point of entry in Finland and if you have a knack for art and history, you really don’t need to go anywhere else—although we suggest you do. Anyway, take some time to walk by and look at the architecture around the Senate Square. There are also a handful of museums to visit, the most popular of which are the Finnish National Museum and the Finnish National Museum Of Art.



The one that appreciates breathtaking views

Two words: Northern Lights. It has been said that Finland is the top country in the world for seeing this natural beauty. Take a trip to Lapland—Finland’s northern most region—sometime between September and March, and you will not be disappointed. It’s the perfect place to visit as well because several of the local hotels cater specifically to those that want to catch a glimpse of the Lights.



Meanwhile, the eastern part of Finland is more sea than land, but the land that surrounds the waters is filled with lush forests. Lake Saimaa is massive and has been dubbed the “lake of a thousand islands.” It covers a stretch of about 1,300 square kilometers and gracefully breaks into the river Vuoksi and Lake Ladoga in Russia.


The one that appreciates food

One of the best known outdoor markets of Northern Europe can be found in Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland. The Market Square is filled with stalls of different Finnish food, flowers and souvenir options. There are also a few outdoor cafes if you prefer to sit down, eat and people watch. Word of caution though: Keep an eye on your food because the seagulls are known for taking bites from unsuspecting visitors. The area also borders the Baltic Sea, so you’re sure to get a great view.




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