Ways You Can Afford To Travel Longer


You’ll never cut a trip short because of finances again



Whenever you get the opportunity to go on a vacation, you want to take advantage of it. Take the time to relax and unwind and do anything you never would have had the time to otherwise. Don’t let anything like finances get in the way of it either—especially if there are ways around it.


When looking for a place to stay

Once upon a time, there were only hotels to stay in. They’re a safe and convenient option to take, but they can get really expensive. Fortunately, new options have since been made available. Checking out Airbnb is a great way to cut your costs. Sure, you don’t get the same type of treatment, but the money you save will make up for it. Besides, it’ll feel like you’re living like a local.


But if you do prefer the serenity and ease that a hotel offers, you can always check out the best deals on Agoda.



When figuring out how to stay connected

Growing up in the age of technology has made us dependent on smartphones, internet and other gadgets. There’s no way around it and there’s no use denying it. And while getting disconnected can be a good thing, it’s always best to be safe.


Globe’s new Roam Surf Plan* allows you to stay connected for as low as Php299.97/day, because you save more the longer you stay.


When considering what and where to eat

As Filipinos, we tend to get excited over food more than most anything, which is why a #FoodTrip is always part of the itinerary. But when seeking out what spots to check out, make sure you include some street food place,  too. A hotdog bought on the street is definitely going to cost you less than one you buy in a restaurant—and, let’s be honest, it’ll probably taste better, too.



When thinking of your activities

Tourist spots are tourist spots for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire vacation going to these places. Set some time aside to just walk around and enjoy the different surroundings. Talk to the locals and see what they do and where they go on the weekends.


You’ll still want to hit those standard places though. And when you do, check out an agency that will take you to most of them. You can always arrange a better deal when you’re going to more than one place with the same service.


When you want to go shopping

Remember that, as a tourist, you are allowed to shop without taxes. Don’t let the slight inconvenience hassle you! Wait for the computation and your change. Keep your eyes out for outlet stores too and don’t forget the power of a sale.




Now your only problem is getting that extra time off of work!



*Available in Australia, South Korea and the United States.