Why Masbate Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


Time to be a tourist in your country



Summer is fast approaching and we know that you’re all looking to book that annual beach trip with your friends. And while the typical spots—like Boracay, Cebu and Palawan—will never really get old, there are other options to consider. The Philippines has over 7,000 islands and dozens of provinces to visit, but today we’ve picked Masbate. It’s an underrated choice, but hear us out. 


1. You can make a road trip out of it

Half the fun of the journey is getting there and a car ride to Masbate would definitely count as epic. It will take more than a dozen hours to get there, so do prepare the right tunes, the right snacks and your power banks. 



Of course, there is the option to ride a plane instead. It will definitely cut down on your travel time, but taking that option does have its financial drawbacks.  


2. Halea Nature Park

At the tip of Ticao Island is a stunning piece of paradise that is home to a diverse group of marine life. Its white sand is perfect to bum on and enjoy the sun under. However, there are a list of activities to do as well, if you and your friends prefer to be active. Take a kayak out or take a dip under the water to play catch with the fish. 



3. Manta Ray watching

Ticao Island is also the manta ray capital of the Philippines—surprise—so it’s the perfect place to watch the animal in its natural habitat. To add to the incentive, whale sharks also sometimes swim by. 



4. Buntod Marine Sanctuary

A short boat ride away from the city is the Buntod Marine Sanctuary, a long sand bar that is embraced by turquoise sea waters on either ends. It’s definitely one of the area’s most popular spots, even for the locals, so definitely try to book your ride on a weekday instead. It’s an experience just to walk along the shore of the protected marine sanctuary, but snorkeling is possible as well. 



5. Ranches and Rolling Hills

For those that want a change of scenery, a large area of landscape waits to greet you just two hours away from the city. This is where you can unwind in a way you might not have had the opportunity to before. Be a cowboy or cowgirl for a day as you watch the cows lazily graze the rolling hills. You might get the urge to join them!




So get your friends or family together and book that flight or gas up that car, because Masbate should definitely be on your list of destinations for #Summer2017. Just don’t forget to leave it the way you saw it.






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