Five Insta-spots To Get Hitched In!


Live the dream of marrying your soulmate in any of these dreamy destinations



Through social media, we get to see other people's lives—whether they're #adulting or taking a much needed vacation—come to full effect daily. This is especially true when college friends start to couple-up, like for reals, with their loved one. If you're preparing to couple-up yourself, take our cue and float away with your dream boat to these dreamy wedding destinations. From Bali, Indonesia to Verona, Italy, here are the top 5 places to put that ring on and say your vows.



Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia


Mulia Luxury Resort in Bali will transport you to a contemporary beach wedding with its gold-washed decadent ballroom, infinity pool and white sand beach. The ultimate beach elegance is the promise of Mulia Resort to its chic brides who love the sun. Meanwhile, its charming Harmony Chapel is also perfect for a solemn and intimate wedding that can accommodate up to 40 guests. It delivers a romantic set up, too, as it faces the breathtaking Indian Ocean. After the celebration, enjoy the rest of your stay with beach activities, like wind surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and canoe riding. Heck, you can also hire a car and get a literal taste of Nusa Dua by eating at Babi Guling or Bebek Betutu.


Matinloc Resort, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


For the mermaid brides, having an island for your wedding is the way to go! Matinloc Resort in El Nido can make this dream come true for you. Imagine walking down the sandy aisle against a backdrop of emerald waves. Bask further in the sun by giving everyone a scuba diving treat around El Nido's finest snorkeling spots. What makes El Nido a great destination wedding is its ability to turn your dream paradise to pure wedding bliss. Your guests will definitely be thrilled with activities like island hopping, kayaking, motorbike freeway driving and more. Don't forget to try the island's exotic offerings like Tamilok and crocodile meat. 


Hotel Accademia, Verona, Italy



Say 'yes!' in the world's city of love, Verona, Italy. At Hotel Accademia, you situate yourself in the middle of a formulaic romantic-film wedding getaway. Verona is not only known for its artistic and poetic movement, but for the classic Shakespearan star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. In here, cheesiness is goeey and self-indulgent not only for you but for your guests, too. Welcome everyone with booked theatre tickets to turn their romance on. For the ceremony, immortalize your happily ever after dream wedding and hold it at Castel San Pietro, which was built in 1398. This is the place to wear that dreamy wedding ball gown you dreamed up as young girl. And don't forget, no #ItalianWedding is complete without the best cheese, vino and pasta! Let Hotel Accademia impress you with their fine selection.


Apanemo Hotel, Santorini, Greece



Mama mia! is the first thing you'll say soon as you set foot in Apanemo Hotel in Santori Greece. When a bride lives for a bohemian wedding, a Greek one encapsulates it. Treat your guests to a laidback and carefree welcome dinner by Apanemo's pool lounge. Then get hitched at sunrise at the stark white Santa Irini Chapel and serve Greek wine as your guests await your walk to froever. If you want to take it up a notch, get the ultimate Greek experience by booking a cruise for your reception and catch the lovely sunset.


Pro-tip: Want to get a view of your wedding from the sky? Bring along this Quadcopter with you to capture all the beautiful action from above!


Aureum Palace Bagan Resort, Bagan, Myanmar



If a garden weddings is what you wish for, Aureum Palace Hotel Resort in Bagan Myanmar will offer you more than just lush and sprawling greenery! Set in the heart of Bagan Archaelogical Preservation Zone, you will forever remember getting hitched amid pagodas and manicured fairytale-like gardens. Tie the everlasting knot with an authentic Southeast Asian wedding twist by wearing Myanmar's traditional wedding garments. Celebrate the reception with a traditional wedding banquet of curry, noodles and more. How about some nature tripping and elephant riding along the way? Sign off your reception by riding its legendary hot-air balloon tradition as the day edges onto sunset.



These 5 wedding destination spots are certified #hashtag ready with their unique insta-worthy flavors. With and Globe, you can easily plan your "I Do's" and tie the knot like no one ever could. So what are you waiting for? Go get hitched in style!






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