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The best places for that much-deserved R&R



So you’re finally putting all those years of schooling behind you and you’ve decided to let yourself take a little break. You deserve it after all those late nights studying, finishing papers and completing other requirements. But where do you go?




We live in an archipelago with thousands of beautiful islands, but Palawan is arguably still a popular favorite—and for good reason. There are so many natural wonders to visit and each one will take your breath away even more than the last. So give yourself all the time you need and see each one of them. Don’t settle for two or three; it’s time to explore.




But if you’re up for more action, you can visit Siargao any week of the year and still get your fill of activities. Learn how to surf or nail down your moves with the help of the local schools and the friendly waves. Don’t forget to meet the locals, each of whom are more than willing to stop for a chat. Have a meal with them and learn about the simple life.




Then again, if you’re less a fan of summer weather and prefer colder temperatures, then head over to Batanes. The province is a little lower on everyone’s radar, so you’re sure to have that time to relax. Breathe in the cool air, since Batanes has an average temperature of about 26.0 °C (78.8 °F). Feel what it’s like to leisurely bike around without quickly breaking a sweat. Visit the old villages, scenic ports, cliffs and caves.




For something new altogether, book a plane ticket to Thailand. It’s close to home, but the cultural differences will astound you. From their street food to their architecture and their religious beliefs to their rail trips—there is just so much to take in. Immerse yourself completely in a different land that has way too much to offer.


Rome, Italy


Speaking about religion, you might want to consider visiting Rome for your vacation for obvious reasons. But even if you aren’t one to be religious, the country has other things in store for you. Well-preserved historical sites nestled in the most modern landscapes, quaint little streets with the best food and making wishes at the Trevi Fountain.





The world is a big place with so many inhabitants and the wildlife in Africa is unlike anything else. Book a Safari in Botswana to see the lions or in Namibia to see rhinos, leopards and elephants. Take in the wild and impeccably vast horizons in Northern Kenya. And when you see the sun setting, just try and remember to breathe.



Don’t forget, this might be your last chance to take a long vacation. Once you work, it’s harder to get more than a few days off at any given time. So stretch your vacation as much as you can with Agoda, which offers you the best lodging deals online.