The Budget-Friendly Itinerary For Taipei, Taiwan


Book the flight and the hotel, we have everything else covered



Tickets have been getting cheaper and cheaper lately, thanks to the wonderful flight promos that several budget airlines have been handing out. And while lodging can sometimes be a problem, there’s always a way to get the best deals. There are sites like Agoda that offer their own promos—you just have to be diligent about checking.


With these things in consideration, traveling is relatively cheap and easy to do now. But then again, what about transportation and sightseeing? We have you covered and we have our eye on Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan.


Places to see


Martyrs’ Shrine. The National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine is dedicated to the war dead of the Republic of China. It was built on the Chingshan Mountain and oversees the Keelung River, so you know you’re going to get a view along with the wonderful architecture. You can even witness a changing of the honor guard at the shrine. The best part? Entrance is free.



Elephant Mountain. For an even better view of the city, hike to the top of Elephant Mountain. It’s best to start your trip during the afternoon so that you can catch the sunset. You’ll still get a great look at the city though because the hike will only take about 20 minutes. Going up the trail is free, too, btw.



Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Built as a memorial to the late founder of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Memorial Hall is a display to various historical relics and Sun’s many accomplishments. After you take in the history, you can take a walk in the surrounding beautiful Zhongshan Park. Did we fail to mention it won’t cost you anything to visit?



Shilin Night Market. No vacation is complete without a food trip and you cannot go wrong at Shilin Night Market. Get lost in the numerous alleyways filled with local, traditional and international cuisine. It’s a food paradise that will surprise you—both in good and bad ways. Again, free to enter.



Yangmingshan National Park. Spanning 114 square kilometers, the Yangmingshan National Park includes several parks, hiking trails, plants, wildlife and hot springs. There are also decommissioned mines to visit from when the park was used as a mining spot. Entrance to the park is—you guessed it—free.



How to get around


Bus. It’ll take some research, but the Taipei buses can get you almost anywhere. In this sense they’re largely convenient, but some of the maps are still only written in Chinese so make sure to get directions first. The fixed fair is about 15NT$ (Php25).


Metro. If you can get to the place you want to see via the Metro, there’s no better option. It’s fast, cheap and easy to use, but it isn’t as comprehensive as the bus line. The rates depend on the distance traveled, and you can check them out here.


Taxi. While it’s nothing special, Taipei taxes can still be considered cheap. Traveling across the city shouldn’t cost you much more than NT$250 (Php420) and tip amount is completely up to you.


Cycling and walking. If you really want a look around the city, then you can just cycle or walk around. There are several places where you can rent a bike for reasonable prices. They’re usually blocked by 30 minutes and priced somewhere between NT$10-NT$40 (Php17-Php66), depending on how many hours you want to rent it. Otherwise, you can just walk. 




Traveling on a budget? Make your trip to Taipei memorable by visiting areas that are worthwhile but good for your wallet.