Where To Go On Those Long Weekends


Get just far enough from the city for a quick breather



Vacations are great because they take you away from your normal routine, which in turn allows you to recharge. The thing is, work and school only give us so much time off that we don’t really get that break as often as we’d like.


The solution is to take advantage of the handful of long weekends that holidays sometimes give us. And while it may not be enough time to get on a plane and discover something way beyond Metro Manila, there are spots to visit that are just a drive away.


Enchanted Kingdom

Santa Rosa


If you’re looking for some level of adventure and fun, then you can’t really go wrong with Enchanted Kingdom. The theme park has rides that cater to each age bracket and thrill preference, so it’s a good place to hit with either friends or family.



Sky Ranch

Tagaytay City


If you want to go a little further, and get a little more breeze, then Sky Ranch is a great alternative. The attractions of this relatively new hotspot of Tagaytay include the Super Viking, the Express Train, the Red Baron and a zipline. Of course, there is also the Sky Eye, which is the famed Ferris wheel that overlooks the whole city and its neighboring provinces.



Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Antipolo City


The slogan of Mount Purro Nature Reserve is “Disconnect to connect" and it is incredibly apt. In the mountain, there is no signal, no wifi and no television. The whole idea is to cut you off from everything that’s toxic in your life. The view is breathtaking and you can enjoy horseback riding, swimming, river excursions and trekking.



Kahuna Hotel

San Juan, La Union


La Union has quickly become one of the easiest and hottest places to visit recently and the Kahuna Hotel is a great place to temporarily call home. It’s filled with huts, villas, a spa, a bar, a restaurant and La Union’s waves are only a few steps away. Surfing lessons are also available for amateurs at the beach front.



Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

Bagac, Bataan


For a taste of the old Philippines, drive over to Las Casa Filipinas De Acuzar. It’s a resort that showcases old house styles and other such traditions. You can ride horse carriages without the fear of getting run over by a speeding car or view old heritage collectables. The lodging can get a little expensive, but day trips are also available.


Image via LasCasasFilipinas.Com



Don’t get stuck in a rut amidst the bustle in Metro Manila. There’s so much to discover that's just a few hours drive away.