Where To Go This Rainy Season: The Vacation Never Ends


Don’t let the clouds keep you home. 


Sure, the summer is usually when we hit the road or get on a plane, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the city until next year. And while we admit that it’s so tempting to stay at home during the rainy season, we also can’t shake the need for different scenery once in a while.


Estancia Resort, Tagaytay City


The Estancia Resort in Tagaytay will take you to somewhere beyond this group of islands that we call home. The entire space is influenced by Santorini, Greece and it’s most evident in the blue, white and black aesthetic of the resort.


You can get a standard room for a more personal experience, but guests also have the option to stay in family-sized villas. Take a dip in the pool and bathe in the scenery that Tagaytay has to offer. Besides, the rain is always more enjoyable when it falls away from the metro.


Naga City, Camarines Sur


Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t go out into nature anymore. In some ways, the droopy weather is more of an adventure—but you need to be more careful than usual. In Naga, you can go trekking or rappelling in the waterfalls surrounding Mt. Isarog. Or if the way to help you relax is to actually stay put, you can enjoy the hot springs of Panicuason.


But while there are so many physical activities to get your feet dirty, Naga City is also a culturally-rich place to visit. There are so many heritage sites and old churches to see, and there is so much food to sink your teeth into as well.


Baguio City


If there’s one place we all go to for the weather, it’s Baguio City. The province is known for their cool afternoons and even cooler evenings, which is why it’s such a staple during the summer. But when you visit it during the rainy season, it becomes an entirely different place.


The rain undoubtedly makes the place even colder, but it also puts a mist around the city that makes it more calming. Visit your favorite restaurants and cafes, and learn to appreciate them in a different, slightly less glaring, light.



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