Pangasinan’s Sunflower Maze Is Right Out Of Your Wildest Dreams


Bonus points for being just two hours away from Manila



When girls in movies walk through a field of flowers, they almost always look very tranquil. Their hair is blowing in the wind and their dress is gracefully billowing behind them. Ever wanted to know what that’s like? Yeah, us, too. Here in Manila, you’d be lucky enough to spot a row of fresh flowers, let alone have something big enough to walk through. But it’s nothing a short road trip won’t fix.


Over in Pangasinan, which is less than four hours away, Allied Botanical Corporation has opened a sunflower maze. The farm-seed breeder and distributor used about 8,000 sunflower plants to cover the 2,100 square-meter area. It’s been reported that over a thousand visitors come every day, so start booking your friends for the weekend. Admission fee is P100. 



The Pangasinan Flower Maze can accommodate up to 100 individuals comfortably at a time. On average, it will take about 30 minutes to finish. But give yourself some time to take what we know will be amazing Instagram photos. Stop and carefully smell the flowers, both literally and figuratively. And take something like a Quadcopter with 2MP WiFi Camera with you to help fully record the experience.


So you don’t waste the trip, opt for a tour around the 3-hectar farmland that houses the Sunflower Maze. Take some time to check out the Urban and Edible Landscape Garden, for example. You can pick vegetables and fruits and collect the in your own bayong. Afterwards, you’ll only have to pay for what you took.



However, do remember that everything in the farm is delicate, and that we should do our part in taking care of them. Keep a careful step away from the sunflowers so they don’t start to wither. Pick the fruits and vegetables that are mature enough for it, so that the young ones can continue to grow. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories (and legal souvenirs). 






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