Here’s How To Dig Deep Into The Heart Of Australia


Feeling up for it, mate? 



Beautiful beaches, delicious food and a chance to get close to nature—what else could you ask for in a vacation? Maybe not much, but Australia has a way of outdoing itself and offering what’s beyond the normal itinerary. There are several sights to see that have been tried and tested by numerous generations, but there are also things to do that are new and exciting.


Beach it up

Bondi Beach in Sydney is one of Australia’s most recognized and talked-about beaches because of the massive space it occupies, its clear waters and the sheer amount of people that go there on a regular basis. Catch the workout buffs in action, enjoy your breakfast on the sand and learn how to surf.



But if you prefer something a little more solitary but just as leisurely, head over to Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth. Bike around the beaches with your friends, take a walk with your family and just stop to admire where you are.



Then again, if you or your dad prefer the thrill of  something with four-wheels, tour the forests, swamps and beaches of Fraser Island instead.



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Throw it outback

The Australian Outback isn’t actually a precise location. It’s pretty much just a term used to describe the emptiness, remoteness and untouched inland in the country—and there’s a lot of it. Ayers Rock is something straight out of a movie. The inspiring monolith is surrounded by virtually nothing, yet the rock juts up to 350-meter heights.



Of course you could enjoy a drive down Stuart Highway, which runs on for about 3000 kilometers, and just enjoy looking out to the deserts that pass you by on both directions. There’s the Simpson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Great Sandy Desert and Tanami too. Don’t be fooled though; the environment here can get a little unforgiving.



For something a little wet, head to the northern part of the Australian Outback. There you’ll find natural rock pools, waterfalls and gorges. Darwin is a particularly good place to start since it’s where you can find Kakadu National Park, Katherine Gorge and the Kimberley Plateau.



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Have a fist fight – or get close enough to start one

We’ve seen kangaroos get into fistfights—it’s scary. But those around Cape Hillsborough, Queensland are so used to tourists that they practically pay no mind to the snaps, giggles and gasps. And in Cairns, you’ll be able to touch and hug a koala! #LifeGoals



If you’re lucky, you might be able to see some sea lions lounging on the beaches of Australia. But one sure way to get up close and personal with them is to head on over to Baird Bay, SA. Meanwhile, a trip to Haelsville Sanctuary in Vic will give you the rare opportunity to swim with some platypus.



Get your grill on

Australians may have been associated with barbequing a lot, but there’s a lot more to their cuisine than throwing things on the barbie. One of the more expensive places to visit is est. in Sydney. The restaurant doesn’t scrimp out on anything from drinks and food to service and décor. You’ll be spending a little bit more money, so save it for a special occasion—or make an occasion out of it.



Also found in Australia, The Local Mbassy serves up some of the best breakfast in town. Their red velvet pancakes are finished off with a hint of basil that truly makes them unique and scrumptious. The interiors are also very millennial-esque for those that are young and young-at-heart.



Then again, you definitely can chill out and enjoy some shrimp, fish and pork with the slew of restaurants that face the beautiful beaches of Australia.  




Sound like a lot? We know it does, but Australia’s vast landscapes and always-full calendar really will have you catching your breath. But trust us when we say you’ll finally know what it feels like to appreciate a busy schedule.



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