Here Are The Top 7 Places To See This 2018


Because we all need to get out more



If there’s anything worth your hard-earned money, it’s an experience like no other. Yes, we did tell you to take on money-saving challenges to grow your money, but there are things worth the investment, like travel. Because nothing refreshes the mind, body and spirit quite like a much-deserved getaway. Here are the top 7 places to see this year:


New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings fan? We’re sure Middle-earth is already on your travel bucket list. But if you need more reasons to see this breathtaking destination, the lush and peaceful landscapes of Matamata or the enchanting views of rugged peaks, forests and glacial lakes in Nelson Tasman might just convince you.

Boasting unspoilt scenery with a climate that’s almost always perfect (it’s neither too hot or too cold here in NZ), warm and hospitable people, and a vibrant culture, New Zealand is the trip of a lifetime.


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One could say that Mauritius is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. This beautiful island used to be accessible to a select few due mostly to its remote location. But since a number of airlines began service to Mauritius late last year, more travelers now have access to the country’s stunning Indian Ocean beaches and its many other natural wonders, like the quaint village of Chamarel where one will find seven colored layers of sand!




Perth, Australia

If you’re looking to plan a vacation to the beach but has the energy of city life, look no further than Perth, Australia. This coastal city offers sun, sea and an uber-cool art and food scene. Think ‘gram-worthy cocktails bars, modern art installations and more. We also heard the new Perth Stadium will bring Premier League soccer to the city soon, just in case you want to get in on the local excitement.


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New Orleans, Louisiana

For a place that has a lot of soul and history, take a trip to New Orleans. Soak up the scene, the culture, everything you can—from the citywide art shows to the biggest festivals, like Mardi Gras and Essence Fest (which if you’ve seen Girls Trip you’d know is the largest event celebrating African-American music and culture in the US). Oh and don’t forget to indulge in New Orleans’ mix of creole and cajun-fusion cuisine because we heard it’s life changing.


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Copenhagen, Denmark

Europe has some pretty great cities, but Copenhagen in Denmark is a road wrongfully less traveled by tourists. Entering the space is like going through a time machine and landing in an era where the air is cleaner, the streets are less littered and sail boats are still a staple. The best part is you don't need to go on a tour or join a group to experience it. Just walk at your own pace, stop where you want to stop and experience this breathtaking capital. 



The Azores, Portugal

Sate your thirst for adventure and get away to The Azores in Portugal. Wake up in the volcanic archipelago, get lost in the island of São Miguel or the cobblestoned streets of Ponta Delgada and bathe in the geothermal hot springs of Funas. There’s lots do and see, so make sure to plan more than a weeklong trip (so you can do more, like go whale-watching in the neighboring islands).


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Taipei, Taiwan

There’s more to Taiwan than just xiao long bao (though we do love a good XLB) or their famed street food scene. There’s also the local night market, which offers just about anything and everything, their beautiful temples, the modern architectural landmarks, like Taipei 101 or the stained glass dome of some of their subway stations, the diverse nightlife scene and more. The best part? Taiwan currently allows visa-free entry for Filipinos until July 31, 2018.


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