The Best Bromance in Movie History is From LOTR


Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee is the ultimate friendship goal



There’s no better friendship than what Lord of the Rings’ Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee have: friends who have each other’s backs against all Orcs or a giant spider. Okay, so it’s more of Sam having Frodo’s back, with good ol’ Sam saving his friend from deathly situations at least eight times in the trilogy. But you get what we mean. So here’s a list of our favorite bromance moments from the Lord of the Rings.



Sam when Frodo was about to give up


Who doesn’t want a friend who can cheer you on or shake some sense into you when all you see is gloom and doom?


That time Frodo saved Sam from drowning


Finally, proof that Frodo has saved Sam’s life, too.


Sam and Frodo at the end of all times


Aww…with friends like Sam or Frodo, who needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend!


Remember when Sam saved Frodo from a giant spider


Of course you do—and the seven (or more) other times he’s saved Frodo. Sam Gamgee FTW.


Tender moments like this


Because real men can show tender loving affection to their best bros


When Frodo admitted he needed Sam


We all need friends to get through life


That emotional moment when Sam carried Frodo


Because we all need someone who will never leave us behind even when things get rough






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