The New Mulawin Versus Ravena Cast Is Perfect


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In 2004, GMA Network released Mulawin, which is arguably still one of the more popular fantasy teleseryes of Philippine television. Its sequel, Mulawin Versus Ravena, will be released next month. There are a handful of new characters to look forward to meeting, but several of the original members are making a return too, but they do look a little different.


Heart Evangelista as Alwina

Originally portrayed by Angel Locsin


In this series, Heart Evangelista plays the role of Alwina, who is half-human and half-Mulawin. In the original series, it was prophesized that Alwina would be the one to unite and bring peace to the Mulawins and the humans. 



Carla Abellana as Aviona

Originally portrayed by Biance King-Intal


Aviona, who is this time played by Carla Abellana, is a Mulawin. In the original series, she harbored unrequited affection for Aguiluz, who was portrayed by Richard Gutierrez. Richard will reprise his role for Mulawin Versus Ravena but only by special participation.


Lovi Poe as Magindara

New character


One of the new faces in the sequel is Lovi Poe’s Magindara, who is described as the goddess of the sea and the daughter of Sandawa. Following her mother’s advice, she decides not to fall in love and instead chooses to keep her immortality. 



Regine Velasquez-Alcasid as Sandawa

New character


Meanwhile, Sandawa is considered a secondary god as she is the goddess of nature and the keeper of Mt. Apo. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is set to portray her.



Dennis Trillo as Gabriel

Original portrayed by Dennis Trillo


If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But while Dennis is reprising his role as the half-Ravena Gabriel, he is no longer just the prince of his people. Instead, he is now the King of Halconia, a kingdom that resides in the volcanic mines of Mt. Apo. 



Mulawin Versus Ravena is set to premiere in May. 






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