Game of Thrones’ “Beyond the Wall” Episode is Beyond Stressful


A retelling of the battles with the undead, dragons coming to the rescue and an ending that has us anxiously counting down the days till the season finale



#1: The Stark sisters are further driven apart with Littlefinger seemingly pulling the puppet strings. Eventually Arya tells off Sansa and gets the last word:


Sansa: “You’re angry. Sometimes anger makes people do unfortunate things.”

Arya: “Sometimes fear makes them do unfortunate things. I’ll go with anger.”



#2: Beyond the wall, Tormund talks to The Hound about wanting to have babies with Brienne



#3: Meanwhile, Jon Snow and his company end up battling wight polar bear on their quest to capture a wight



And eventually they face off with the real deal.



But obviously it couldn’t be that easy…


#4: True enough, the humans end up being completely surrounded on an island by wights



#5: Back with Daenerys, who intends on flying off to save Jon Snow, Tyrion stresses how she shouldn’t be taking action



“Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do.” GoT #hugot we can all relate to.



#6: The lake has frozen over again and the wights are coming for blood



And you know the odds are against you when one of the last six humans fall into the mosh pit of wights.


#7: Luckily in comes Daenerys with her dragons



#8: In true Game of Thrones fashion, right when you get your hopes up is when things are due to take an unsuspecting turn



And down goes the dragon as Daenerys watches.


#9: Jon Snow escapes on his own after reemerging from the frozen lake



And he shares this tender moment with Daenerys who is determined to avenge her fallen dragon


#10: Again, in true Game of Thrones fashion, the episode caps off with a cliffhanger




And this one involves a zombie dragon.