The Biggest Things We Learned From Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Let’s just say, things are far from over



On December 13, Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered in Philippine cinemas. Lines were long, smiles were wide and the costumes were definitely on-point. The excitement almost felt tangible as every fan and soon-to-be-fan patiently yet eagerly waited for the doors to open. And that feeling—that mix of high expectations, respect for history and hope for the future—didn’t drop until hours after the ending credits rolled.


No spoilers here. Just lessons learned.


Friendship is a great motivator

The galaxy may be huge, but friendship cannot be warped by time and space. It is and always will be something we all hold on to; it’s something that will hold us down and keep us settled.



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But we always go back to family

As much as we bicker and as many times as we disagree with them, family will always come through for us. They’ll always have the best intentions and will always want what they think is best for us.



We all need a little help

There is no shame in looking for someone that can help guide you, whether that means talking about career options, getting an opinion on a relationship or becoming a Jedi.


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But we ultimately form our own paths

Getting somewhere is not dictated by where you came from; there is no past that defines a future.



It’s okay to let go of the past

Sometimes, when we become so attached to something or how it’s done, we close off our minds to how it can be done better. Letting go of a few things is not a bad thing, it doesn’t mean disrespect for traditions.



But never forget the lessons

While letting go can sometimes be necessary, it’s important to hold on to lessons of the past.



Hope is a powerful thing

It’s only when we lose hope that the darkness can really overcome us.



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It can turn the tides

With hope, there’s potential to change anything.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now showing in theatres.




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