The Best Disney Princess Songs For Every Situation


Because there’s always a Disney Princess song to match your feels



Feel free to sing along. You know you want to


When you wake up on the right side of the bed and couldn’t care less what the world thinks of you



Belle goes around town and does her own thing regardless if the townspeople think she’s odd and peculiar.


Prot-tip: Match your mood with something that says girl power, like a pair of pink headphones that's pretty as it is powerful!


When you know there’s so much more to life than this…whatever this is



Ever get the feeling that there’s so much more you can do with life, i.e., people to meet, places to see, things to discover? Yeah, Ariel gets your feels.


When you’re waiting patiently for your prince to come #trust



Trust that like Snow White, you prince will come. Maybe not now, but someday.


When you’ve lost all hope, let this princess remind you to keep on believing



Life can sometimes get in the way of our dreams. But don’t give up. If Cinderella can get out of her situation, you can, too—if you keep on believing.


When you’re feeling a bit lost



We all have moments when we forget who are or what we’re fighting for. And when that happens, do as Mulan: reflect.






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