Vine Videos That Will Make Your Day; We Miss You Vine


Sometimes only a 6 second video can tickle you



Vine may not allow users to upload videos anymore, but viewing some old classics can still tickle that funny bone in a way only a hilarious 6-second video can. Whether planned or completely coincidental, a surprise or a cruel trick, the below compilations are sure to get you laughing.


Best Japanese Vines

There might be moments that we don’t particularly understand because of the language barrier and cultural difference, but the Japanese definitely know how to have fun. They’re unapologetically goofy, smart with their pranks and incredibly creative. And the effort they put in the videos are unparalleled!



Best Baby Vines

Kids may say the darndnest things, but they’re actions are pretty funny, too. Watch these completely innocent encounters with some of the funniest kids on the internet. 



Best Animal Vines

What makes animal videos so hilarious is that they are almost entirely unplanned; they’re just a bunch of four-legged creatures trying to maneuver the human world and somehow get into the funniest predicaments. And yet, some of these videos are completely relatable, too… 



Best Fail Vines

From failed pranks to failed dance moves, this compilation has got it all. Don’t deny it now, there is a bit of undeniable fun in watching people fall, flounder and generally make messes of themselves #GuiltyAsCharged



Best Cameron Dallas Vines

Like with most other social media platforms, Vine produced some very popular individuals. One of them was Cameron Dallas, whose videos mainly focus on making the most daily tasks into funny encounters.



Best Story Time! Vines

Another popular Viner is Thomas Sanders, who would randomly take it upon himself to narrate the lives of anyone and everyone around him. What makes his videos really special, however, is that most of his victims played along, and if they didn’t, their genuine reactions were just as comical. 







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