Why I’m Drunk, I Love You Is A Must See; Time To #SaveIDILY


All the reasons to watch I’m Drunk, I Love You without the spoilers



After just a week in cinemas, JP Habac’s I’m Drunk, I Love You was pulled out. If you follow actor Paulo Avelino on Twitter, you would know how incredibly upset he is with the film’s short run. His co-actor, Maja Salvador, was a little more comedic in her questioning, but the message was just the same: Why had several malls closed their doors to the film?


Honestly, we don’t know. In fact, we have a handful of reasons why everyone should watch it. #SaveIDILY



The cast and characters

Paulo’s Dio and Maja’s Carson are a match made in friendship heaven, and Dominic Roco’s Jason is there for all the hilarious one liners and tension breakers. The characters are real, relatable and well developed, and the actors portrayed them masterfully.


The story

The theme of I’m Drunk, I Love You jumps out from the trailer. It’s about a friendship and about the complications of one party falling for the other. It’s about the struggle between “Should I?” and “Why shouldn’t I?” It’s about that uncomfortable space between “I don’t want to ruin the friendship” and “I want more.” And yet, it doesn’t feel like the typical #hugot film that have made headlines for their box office numbers.


It’s a film of its own caliber, with a unique take on a classic story.



The music

Music from Bandang Shirley, Kai Honasan, Parokya ni Edgar, Bullet Dumas, Johnoy Danao and more are played throughout the two hours of screening time. The film uses OPM to convey a lot of the character’s feelings, which can be annoying but is tastefully done in the movie. Plus, there are carefully placed cameos from some of OPM’s most popular names.


The alcohol

There’s something about alcohol that brings out the worst and the best in people, and there is a reason the film is titled I’m Drunk, I Love You. Most of the pivotal scenes include beer bottles and it mirrors drinking sessions with friends. It’s both natural and frightening.  



The overall premise

As mentioned earlier, the overall theme of the film is unrequired love, a thing that only a few lucky people never get to experience. But hugots aside, the film beautifully captures true friendship and its power to overcome almost anything. Almost. 










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