M. Night Shyamalan’s Most Unforgettable Movies


His works that just stuck with you (whether it was good or bad) and a new movie that we can’t wait to see



Sixth Sense

The supernatural thriller of the 90s, Sixth Sense would have launched a thousand memes and YouTube parodies if it premiered today—but with updated effects of course. What makes this movie about a young boy with a gift so haunting is the unexpected chilling twist at the end. It’s a classic thriller piece by M. Night Shyamalan that will keep audiences on the edge and leave them satisfied. 



The Village

Non-traditional Shyamalan psychological thriller, The Village, follows the story of an isolated puritanical village threatened by strange creatures that inhabit the surrounding forest. While the plot twist is not for everyone, the intensity of the film and the nightmarish imagery it offers still make it somewhat unforgettable. Hence, the Scary Movie parody.



Signs is one of the first few movies of its kind and among the best works of its film director. It’s a movie that explores the mysterious real-life phenomena of crop signs and its life-changing effects on man. So if aliens and conspiracy theories are your thing, then this a must-add to your oldies but goodies movies list if you haven't already.



Lady in the Water

M. Night Shyamalan likes to take on unchartered waters, we’ll give him that. And he took it quite literally in his fantasy thriller Lady in the Water, which follows the story of a man whose life would change forever after discovering a water nymph in their swimming pool. It’s also the first movie where Shyamalan took on a significant role as one of the supporting actors. Though most reviews were unfavorable, Lady in the Water stuck to us because of his unlikely take on a bedtime story…and come on, Bryce Dallas Howard as a water nymph. Everything.



Split isn’t out in theaters yet but if you’ve seen the trailer and glimpses of James McAvoy’s portrayal of a character with multiple personalities, you’ll forget the sadness that was The Last Airbender. 


Warning! Spoiler alert: We’ve also read that the movie is a “secret” sequel to Shyamalan’s Unbreakable.







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