10 Most Shocking Moments That Defined Game of Thrones Before You Dive Into Season 7


A crash course on what Makes GoT one of the most iconic series of our generation



Later this month, after what seems like too long a wait, Game Of Thrones will finally return to our screens with its season 7 premiere. Thus far, HBO has done a great job teasing what the season will unfold, thanks to a few choice and thrilling trailers. But before we dive in head first, here’s a quick recap of the show’s most shocking moments.


Daenerys Eats A Horse Heart (Season 1)

You don’t mess with Daenerys Targaryen and she wasn’t afraid to show it from the very start. What a way to foreshadow a character by having her eat an entire stallion heart raw.



Ned Stark’s Beheading (Season 1)

At the beginning, it was Ned Stark that gave us hope as he fought for justice and truth amidst everything that was wrong. So when Joffrey Baratheon’s executioner dropped his axe on Ned’s head, the tone for the entire series was cemented.



The Red Wedding (Season 3)

We knew the entire episode was going to be different from its opening music and The Red Wedding did not disappoint. The slaughter of the Starks was unwatchable, from King Robb’s shooting to the knifing of his pregnant Queen Talisa and their unborn child, as well as the slitting of Catelyn’s throat.



Theon’s Castration (Season 3)

As many cringe-worth and eye-shutting scenes there are in Game of Thrones, the castration of Theon Greyjoy is still one of the most appalling moments. Kidnapped by Ramsay Snow, Theon was tortured to no end. The culmination of which was castrating Theon and mailing his “favorite toy” to his family.



The Purple Wedding/Joffrey’s Death (Season 4)

At that point, a large majority wanted Joffrey dead. The boy king choking on his last breathe during his own wedding ceremony, as devised by Littlefinger and the Queen of Thorns, was a big moment that signaled the decline of the Lannister dynasty.



Hold The Door (Season 6)

In one of the show’s most heartbreaking moments, we finally understood why Hodor could only utter his name in conversation. Thanks to Bran Stark’s psychic abilities, Meera Reed’s plea to “hold the door” was branded in the young mind of a servant named Willas.



The Resurrection of Jon Snow (Season 6)

After what was one of the most frustrating cliffhangers in the history of fantasy television, we finally got our answer: Jon Snow was not dead. Thanks to sorceress Melisandre, Jon rose to fight another day—and really, where would the show be without him?



Sansa’s Finishes Ramsay Bolton (Season 6)

In what is arguably the most fitting death to ever happen on Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow beats Ramsay Bolton to near death, before letting Sansa have the final word. After months of torture under his hand, Sansa tells Ramsay that his house will be forgotten and then lets the hungry hounds take his life.



Cersei’s Fire (Season 6)

After a series of losses, we saw Cersei rise to the Iron Throne care of a wildfire that killed Margaery and Loras Tyrell. Yes, it led to the suicide of her son, King Tommen, but at that point, it seemed like a small price to pay.



Jon Snow Is The King Of The North (Season 6)

With his return, we knew that Jon Snow was in for something much bigger than himself. And yet, no one could prove this as much as Lyanna Mormont.




Game Of Thrones Season 7 is set to premiere this July 16 in the US.