Cartoons For All Ages You Can Enjoy Any Time


They’ll keep you entertained your entire life



While a majority of cartoons are made to cater to children, there are still some that we young-at-hearts can enjoy. The subject is more mature and the stories are a little more complicated that they don’t bore us to death. At the same time, however, they still hold that same charm we remember from those childhood Saturday mornings.


We Bare Bears


Follow the lives of brothers Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear as they try to integrate themselves into the human world by the San Francisco Bay Area. They get into all sorts of trouble that result in some awkward situations and very-real lessons. Not to mention, the animation is incredibly cute, too.


Hey Arnold


We first started watching Hey Arnold when we were in grade school, but the lessons we learned are still incredibly relevant. Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Phoebe and the rest of the gang went through some very tough times. And us? We were just happy to be along on the journey.


Not to mention, there’s a movie coming out later this year and we cannot wait. It will pick up from where the series left off, which means we’re going to see everyone come from right where we left them.


Cars 3


It’s really the characters of the Cars franchise that has us still hooked, from the kooky locals of Radiator Springs to the fast-paced Lightning McQueen. Cars 3, which will premiere later this month, has us at the edge of our seats. Lightning is getting old (as are we—shhh) and he needs to find a way to remain relevant. Could new-comer Cruz Ramirez help?


Adventure Time


While it was definitely a surprise hit, we were saddened to hear that Adventure Time already has an expiration date (next year). We’re definitely going to miss the magical and post-apocalyptic land of Ooo, as well as Finn, Jake and the rest of the cast. The series might have seemed like a joke at the surface, but it was always brimming with emotion and we all got deeply invested in each of their stories.


Steven Universe


In this coming-of-age story, a young boy named Steven Universe lives in Beach City with the Crystal Gems—Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst—who are three magical humanoid aliens. As a half-gem, he helps the three protect the world from their kind. Think a dialed down version of the Marvel universe.



As they say, trends really do come and go. But cartoons? They’re forever.