4 Moments in Santa Clarita Diet We Can Totally Relate To


Because it’s a dark comedy with a heart



If you haven’t caught Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, it follows the story of realtor couple Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore), and their daughter Abby (Live Hewson) whose pleasant but boring suburban life turns upside down when Sheila becomes…dead and undead. Meanwhile, the Hammonds strive for normalcy as Sheila’s dietary requirement changes to human flesh—fresh, juiced or disguised as normal food.



But while Santa Clarita Diet is certainly not for the faint of heart, there are many reasons to watch it. No, not just because of Drew Barrymore or its weird but unexpectedly delicious approach to zombies, but also because once you get past the gore and putridity, you realize that it’s a dark comedy anchored on family.



The couple that slays together, stays together


Joel and Sheila may not be the perfect couple, but they’re ride or die a.k.a together though thick or thin, in sickness and undead.


Moms will always stick up for their kids


Yes, even if it’s the school principal.


It’s good to open up about one’s insecurities


Because all couples have issues. Your spouse/S.O. is no mind reader, so you need to speak up about those feelings and work it out together.


There’s no place as warm or safe quite like that space between mom and dad


When your world is falling apart trust that your parents will always have your back. Always. Now, go call your mom and dad and say you love them. 






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