Here Are The Stars We Want To See Play Darna


Whoever it will be, she'll have big shoes to fill



Fans of Angel Locsin are recovering after the actress announced she could no longer play the role of Darna in Star Magic’s upcoming film adaptation. Health reasons, mainly a back problem, are restricting her from doing the stunts that are necessary for the movie. But when a door closes, another one opens. So while we loved Angel’s rendition of the iconic Pinay superhero, we’re also excited at the possibility of another star taking the throne.


Liza Soberano

A fan favorite at this time is Liza Soberano, who has become showbiz’s darling. Everything she seems to touch turns to gold and we’re sure the role of Darna will be no exception. The 19-year-old actress has even said she’s open to taking the reins. 



However, we do question her openness to wearing the Darna costume, which is as iconic as the character itself. Liza is generally a more conservative person compared to the actresses within her age bracket. But we don’t doubt her ability to rock the fashion anyway.


Julia Montes

Julia Montes may not be considered mainstream, but she definitely has the acting range to take on Darna. Her resume mainly lists drama films right now, but we don’t doubt that she’d give the role justice. Taking on the character could only open up even more opportunities for the 22-year-old actress. 



Julia and Liza would make for a great choice if Star Cinema were to go for a younger version of Darna.


Arci Muñoz

We already know that Arci Muñoz would look great in the Darna costume, as she is one of the fastest-rising sultry stars of Philippine show business. Casting her would be a direct replacement to Angel, as they share the same aesthetic vibe. Darna could also be her way to prove her acting chops beyond the romantic comedies she has been starring in. 



Maja Salvador

If the upcoming film were to take on a more quirky feel, then we would love to see Maja Salvador slip in as Darna. Maja has been killing it with her comedy hits, but her drama background will still come in handy for those inevitable and pivotal melodramatic scenes. 



Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola would look amazing in the Darna costume as well, and she has proven this herself. Rumors started to spread when the actress posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing the iconic two-piece, complete with the headpiece. Jessy has admitted that she would be open to auditioning for the role, although she knows that being Darna is more than just looking the part.



However, director Erik Matti has gone on the record to say that he considers Jessy too white and that he would personally prefer a darker skinned actress to play the role. That can easily be fixed though, can’t it?






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