Small But Really Important Details You Might Have Missed From Stranger Things 2


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By now we’re sure you’ve finished Stranger Things 2. But you might want to re-watch it because thanks to the Internet and its nitpicky, small-detail savvy and sometimes-overthinking users, we’ve uncovered aspects of the show you may have overlooked but make a huge difference. Below are just some of the facts we’ve gathered that have made us either love Stranger Things 2 more or have simply made us say ‘ooh’ and ‘aah,’ and sometimes, ‘aww.’


Tie or No Tie?

When Dr. Owens suggested that Eleven be kept hidden for another year, Chief Jim Hopper, after adopting El/Jane, agrees on the condition that she be allowed one night out. You know, so Eleven can attend the Snow Ball with Mike. But what was edited out from the show was Hopper’s tie, which he supposedly wore when he took his daughter to the dance. In an interview with the Insider, David Harbour explains, “Someone (online) caught me in an off-camera thing and I have a tie on. The idea was perhaps that Hopper even puts on a tie for the first time in 20 years to bring his adopted daughter to this dance. So I think Hopper put a lot of effort and work into it.” Though ultimately, the Duffer brothers decided to have it taken out.


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That Blue Hairband

Remember in season 1, when the series flashbacked to when Jim Hopper’s daughter Sara was still alive? She was wearing a blue hairband:


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And when Sara got sick, Hopper wore her hairband around his wrist. Flash forward to season 2 and this quiet little character detail remains a quiet little character detail that only people from Slash Film, Buzzfeed and a few others have noticed.

Keep your eyes peeled; this time around, you’ll find the blue hairband on Eleven’s wrist as she puts her arms around Mike at the dance and the camera zooms in. Presumably, Hop jazzed it up and gave it to El/Jane when she adopted her as her own (awwwww). 


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Dustinus Pollywogus

In the series, Dustin adopts a tadpole-looking creature that he finds in his garbage (which by now you probably know is a demo-dog). He pores through books about reptiles and amphibians, and narrows down the specie as a tadpole that grows outside water: Indirana Semipalmata—a real creature by the way. Here’s the but; scientist Christian Kammerer, who’s also a big Stranger Things fan, tweeted that the species of frog Dustin was referring to wasn’t discovered until two years (1986) after the show was supposedly set.


But despite the tiny oversight, Kammerer still has good things to say about the show. He tells The Verge, “The creators of the show did great work in getting it right…A lot of shows just would not bother to look up that scientific information.”


Homophobia and Antigay Slurs

Stranger Things has delved into homophobia since the first season, with our favorite young characters being called “fairies,” “queer” and “weirdo” by young bullies. And while there are fewer examples in season two, one particular scene struck a chord among its audiences. That of Billy Hargrove standing in front of mirror, getting ready for a date; he checks out his butt, leans in close to his reflection, blows out smoke and winks. His father walks in and tells him he’s been staring at himself in the mirror like a faggot and then couples it with violence. Though it hasn’t been confirmed that there are or there will be LGBT characters in the series, Stranger Things subtly establishes that homophobia is among the main and most dangerous conflicts of the season.


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