The Scariest Moments From The American Horror Story Series You Just Can’t Unsee


This is what nightmares are made of



Many things have been said about Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story: horrifyingly genius and at the other end of spectrum, hilarious. But one can’t deny that AHS has effectively served up some of the darkest, most disturbing and scariest scenes in TV history. It truly is the stuff of nightmares, the kind that feels like wont ever go away. And as the series celebrates its 7th anniversary, we look back on AHS’ horrifying moments you just can’t unsee. Ever.


Warning: contains graphic, sometimes stomach-churning content


Season 1 — Murder House

American Horror Story begins the marathon of crazy, distressing thrillers with Murder House. The series follows the story of the Harmon family, who moves into a restored mansion in hopes of starting afresh—completely unaware that the house is haunted by the ghosts of its former residents…and their victims.


Scary Moment#1

One of the house’s unwelcome guests is Thaddeus, the bloodthirsty creature that was once the child of Dr. Charles Montgomery, of whom the doctor himself reassembled and reanimated after the infant was slaughtered.




Scary Moment#2

Sometimes fear is not caused by monsters or supernaturals; sometimes it’s the dark nature of mankind. In AHS, it’s revealed that one of the house ghosts, Tate, is responsible for a grisly crime: a school shooting in Westfield High.



Season 2 — Asylum

The producers of the show took the series a notch scarier with its second installment, Asylum. Set in 1964, the season centers on a fictional mental institution, Briarcliff Manor, and the staff and inmates that occupy it.


Scary Moment#3

Set in a time when a lot of things were found unacceptable by society, AHS takes this opportunity to discuss homosexuality and how it was a punishable crime then. Lana, a lesbian journalist and one of the patients at the facility, undergoes aversion therapy to “cure” her lesbianism. The scenes shows her vomiting as she’s made to look at a nude photo of her murdered ex-girlfriend and masturbating while touching a nude male inmate. The scene ends with her throwing up again.


Scary Moment#4

Shelley, a nymphomaniac and a patient at Briarcliff, becomes a test subject of one of the institution’s doctors who tries to rape her but can’t due to his deformed penis. He amputates her legs and injects her with chemicals that mutate her before she’s dumped in an elementary schoolyard, where children find her trying to crawl up the stairs.



Season 3 — Coven

We wouldn’t say Coven is a step back from the series’ horrific theme as it still features grisly killings, brutal sex scenes and supernatural encounters. Coven though might be the season that opened up the series to a whole new market: the fashion-loving viewers. Balenciaga while being burned at the stake anyone?



So what’s it about? A Coven of Salem witches fighting for survival in modern times.


Scary Moment#5

That time Coven sorceress Cordelia came to regret having her sight back that she gouged them out herself with a pair of pruning shears.


Scary Moment#6

Remember the chamber of horrors where Coven’s merciless Madame Delphine tortured her slaves? Still can’t unsee it. In fact, this one still gives us nightmares.



Season 4 — Freak Show

In AHS Freak Show, Murphy and Falchuk have outdone themselves by telling the story of one of the last remaining freak shows in America and their struggle for survival. Taking place in 1952, ya’ll know the outcome will be bone-chilling.


Scary Moment#7

Freak Show’s nearly flawless ringleader Elsa Mars reveals later in the series that she is a freak herself; she’s become a double amputee after a porn flick gone terribly wrong.



Scary Moment#8

Twisty the Clown’s backstory is both sad and disturbing…more so when he removes his mask to reveal what was left of his mouth after a failed suicide attempt. Twisty returns btw in Season 7. Hopefully he keeps his mask on the whole time.


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Season 5 — Hotel

Is it possible for American Horror Story to ever outdo itself? Apparently, yes. And they did exactly that in Hotel. The season centers around Hotel Cortez in L.A., the homicide detective it lures in, and a string of other strange and bizarre characters. Meanwhile, the hotel is run by the owner herself, The Countess (Lady Gaga!), who is literally a bloodsucking fashion fiend.


Trivia: Hotel is loosely based on a real hotel built in 1893 by H.H. Holmes in Chicago. It was known as the Murder Castle as Holmes used it to murder and torture people.


Scary Moment#8

The first episode sets the bar high for scare-viewers-shitless as it opens with the Hotel’s Addiction Demon putting (or should we say jamming?) his drill-bit dildo into the rear of an ill-fated junkie.


Scary Moment#9

In American Horror Story: Hotel, guests who check in won’t find a lovely welcome package on their beds. Instead, an abomination that appears to have once been human living in the mattress.



Season 6 — Roanoke

Roanoke is AHS’ first attempt to do a series within a series. This time taking place in Santa Clarita, the sixth season is loosely based on the infamous 1590s Roanoke Colony disappearance. The result? Gruesome per usual.


Scary Moment#10

Earlier in the article we warned you, the article contains graphic, stomach churning content. We think this particular scene in Roanoke will do the most damage as you will be challenged to keep down whatever you just had.

Enter The Butcher who rips out Cricket’s insides out as her audience looks on, some aghast.


Scary Moment#11

What could be worse than having your guts pulled out? Being pickled alive. Some episodes during the series feature characters being taken, kept alive and eaten bit by bit by the cannibalistic Polk family.



Season 7 — Cult

AHS’ Cult might be the most realistic of all the seasons as it is a stark reflection of the chaos going on in the other side of the world. Set in Michigan and jumping off the Trump-Clinton election, the series explores themes of apathy, fear and terror.


Might be too early to tell which episodes are the scariest as the season is still ongoing. But we can tell you this: Murphy and Falchuk’s clowns are scary AF.




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