American Horror Story: Cult Comes out Today! Here's All You Need to Know About the 7th Season


Dare to join the cult?



Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story returns to FX for its seventh season, hailed “the true American Horror Story” by the creator of the anthology series.


Set in Michigan, American Horror Story: Cult begins by rehashing the 2016 US presidential elections, which ultimately sets the tone for the rest of the season. “I think people have the wrong idea about what it’s going to be, but that’s because people know my politics,” explained Murphy in an interview with FX CEO John Landgraf. While initial trailers of the latest installment preview creepy cartoon masks of Clinton and Trump, each one a polarizing candidate in their own right (it just depents where you’re standing,) Murphy zeroes in instead on the euphoria and the fear in the aftermath of the elections. In the course of 11 episodes, AHS: Cult slowly peels back the layers to provide insight into the “cult of personality.”


As we count down the hours to the season premiere, scroll through to get the lowdown on American Horror Story: Cult.


Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters Return as Ally Mayfair Richards and Kai Anderson.


Will this be the most realistic season yet?


AHS may still be running with existing themes like allegory and satire and plots anchored on a twisted human psyche, but Murphy reveals characters won’t be encountering supernatural entitites this time around. Instead, they’ll find themselves facing scenarios that could happen in real life.


Expect to see Peters portray Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones and Andy Warhol.

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Manson is a convicted mass murderer and former cult leader; meanwhile, Koresh and Jones veered away from their respective religious groups to form cults. Andy Warhol was never proclaimed a cult leader, but did gain a sizable following as the leader of the pop art movement in the ‘60s.


Lena Dunham guest stars this season as Valerie Solanas.

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Valeria Solanas was a radical feminist and author of the SCUM Manifesto. She shot Andy Warhol in his New York studio in 1968 after her work was rejected by the artist, whom she hoped would produce her screenplay.


The clowns that appear in this season are inspired by the 2016 clown craze in the US.


Newcomer (but familiar face) Alison Pill plays Ivy Mayfair-Richards.

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The Newsroom and Miss Sloane star, who plays Sarah Paulson’s wife in the series, shared: “This particular season has a streak of paranoia that’s infectious.”


Emma Roberts returns for just one episode.

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She plays local newscaster Serina Belinda.



“We lived in the Murder House. We escaped the Asylum. We protected the Coven. We checked into the Motel. We had a Roanoke nightmare. We joined the cult.” The season premiere airs at 10pm EST on September 5!