7 Life Lessons From “Queer Eye” We Can All Apply In Real Life


Here’s to taking cues from the Fab Five and winning in life



An all-new crew, a brand-new season and eight episodes of love, inspiration, style and sass: the reboot of 2003’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy turned out to be one of the sleeper hits on Netflix this year. Only two months after its premiere, the binge-worthy makeover reality show already has people aching for a second season.



Queer Eye’s 2017 edition is more than a surface-level makeover. That’s precisely why it resonates with audiences the way it does. The new Fab Five (Karamo Brown covering Culture, Antoni Porowski covering Food and Wine, Tan France in charge of Fashion, Bobby Berk taking over Design, and Jonathan Van Ness ruling all things Grooming) fights for the good as well as promotes acceptance and self-love. After all, how can you begin investing in other facets of your life if you don’t invest in yourself?


Here, we encourage  you to fully realize and embrace your fiercedom with these seven life lessons from Queer Eye:


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Style has a lot to do with confidence.


Being comfortable (read: complacent) is the enemy, because “comfortable” oftentimes translates to “settling.” When it comes to dressing up, comfort is key, of course. But it should never be the element you hide behind or the reason you present a sloppy version of yourself to the world. The art of dressing up should be fun and the body you’re dressing up should be celebrated.


Small changes make a big difference.


Sticking to a routine anchored by what’s safe and familiar will not bring you places. At the same time, however, a one-time-big-time drastic change is not what you should be after. The secret lies in taking it slow. It’s all about small doses, small adjustments and small steps you can incorporate into your existing routine and putting in the consistent work to get to the finish line.


Take some time to make yourself look good.


Tom Ford once said, “dressing well is a form of good manners.” The rule applies to beauty and grooming, too. A little vanity is okay. A little vanity is, in fact, healthy. It’s only right that you give a damn about the face you present to the world. Start with hygiene. Start by looking into a reasonable skincare routine. Start with a decision to make trips to the barbershop a regular thing.


But remember: change also comes from the inside.


This is an invitation to bring out your inner Karamo. Introspection and a soul makeover are just as important a phase as the physical makeovers that take place. So do not be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses and dig deep to face unresolved issues. This is the best place to grow from anyway. In the world of Queer Eye, there is no shame in confronting your weaknesses as doing so does the opposite. It shows strength.


Preparing food for yourself is not hard.


When in doubt, pull an Antoni: turn to avocado (just kidding). In all seriousness, even non-cooks can learn to prepare something in the kitchen for themselves. Think of this as merely assembling a meal. Anything you can throw into a bowl, toss around and serve is your friend.


Never forget who you are.


Never lose sight of yourself, your dreams and your purpose for the sake of going with the flow. You will never truly be happy with change if you do things for the wrong reasons.


Everyone has a queer eye. They just need to embrace it.


Everyone has great qualities. It’s jsut a matter of bringing them to the fore. Build on the positive, slough off the negative and build on the good qualities to make them great.


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It’s never too late to turn your life around if you keep these tips from Queer Eye in mind. Need a little more inspiration? Let the Fab Five show you. You can stream the first season of Queer Eye on Netflix using your Postpaid plan and dodge dull moments with GoWATCH + Entertainment subscriptions. It's an additional 10GB video streaming data on top of your GoSURF mobile data allocation, enough for 30 hours of video streaming on YouTube, Netflix, HOOQ, Tribe, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network App.



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