Lost In Space: Why This Remake Deserves Your Attention


Danger, Will Robinson



Decades ago, a little show by the name of Lost in Space aired on the small screen. It was an earnest look into space-action in a time when space was a lesser-known and more novel subject. There was excitement, curiosity and a need to humanize new explorations and scientific discoveries. But now that we’ve been fed this exact same setting multiple times, has the entertainment sector reached its surplus?


Well, if Netflix’s remake of Lost in Space is in question, then the answer is no.



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Lost in Space is now set in 2048, though it still keeps its central dynamic in place: We have the Robinsons (father, mother and three children), Don West, the odd Dr. Smith and a robot that brings back “Danger, Will Robinson.” The similarities might as well end there because—as Netflix knows—a show’s success vitally depends on its societal and contemporary relevance.


Enter: An obviously wrecked Earth, a troubled marriage, an absent father, a brilliant and bread-winning mother, an emotional and self-doubting Will and one biracial half-sister in Judy—and that’s just the immediate family. Don is a wisecracker, Dr. Smith is all sorts of strange and the robot is presented with more modern effects, a stronger build and arguably more character.



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The series starts off as expected, with the theme music playing a nice homage to the original. On a mission to colonize space, the Robinsons are thrown off course and shipwrecked on a desolate planet. There, they must survive the elements, their new friends and each other—the episodes stitched together with well-meaning flashbacks.


The first season’s 10 episodes set forth that journey, the highlight of which is Dr. Smith’s ability to psychologically manipulate her new companions. That, mixed in with the visual effects that Netflix has become quite the master of. Whether or not this level of dedication will be evident still in season two is currently unknown, but Lost in Space season 1 ends in a twist that has us looking forward to what else outer space has in store.


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Lost in Space is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it with Globe.