Santa Clarita Diet Is Back, Better & More Gruesome Than Ever


The same comedy served with a bit more flavor 



Many might say that Santa Clarita Diet is one of Netflix’s weirdest original offerings, but it’s a weird that a lot of people have gotten a jump on. It’s not just the premise of a show—a real estate agent mysteriously turning into the undead and still wanting a normal life despite killing people and eating them for their meat—but the oddly-placed humor as well.


Safe to say, the first season had us hooked and the newly released season 2 is a great follow up. 



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Warning: Spoilers ahead.


A more energized Sheila Hammond

In season 1, Santa Clarita Diet left us with Sheila (Drew Barrymore) locked in her basement for her extraordinary level of energy and stronger impulses. This was never going to last—because what would the show be without her?—and we quickly see her unchained, attacking an attacker and eating an overlooked eyelid in her kitchen.


The great part, however, is that a more energized Sheila Hammond means more action for Joel (Tim Olyphant) and us.


The Rite Aid girl

The Rite Aid girl, with her melancholic voice and deadpan expression, finally has a name: Ramona. She might not have had a lot of screen time in season 1, but we’re definitely getting more of a backstory now.


She’s stirring up some drama between Eric (Skyler Gisondo) and Abby (Liv Hewson), and sharing a particular taste for the fresh human meat with Sheila.



Cannibal clams

The first helping of Santa Clarita Diet slightly tackled the question of how Sheila became undead, but the latter episodes definitely focused on how to save her instead. In season 2, we’re back to the original question and we’re given an actual answer: Cannibal clams that eat other clams for sustenance.


Apparently, eating these cannibal clams give rise to human zombies.


An unwelcome return


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After finding out that a new development will be built on the site they buried Gary, Sheila and Joel dig up his body to preempt any possible issues. Surprised by a voice, the couple find that Gary is alive, albeit reduced to a talking head.


It’s interesting to see the couple interact with their first victim, even dipping his head in some whiskey. In the end Gary delivers the season’s last night, which sets the scene for the next (possible) season:


“Well, this just got f****** weird.”



Santa Clarita Diet hasn’t officially been given the green light for season 3 just yet, but the series definitely has room to grow. Will we learn more about the cannibal clams? Will we see Abby grow and develop into her more mature character? Will we get more winner one-liners from Gary? Can they stop the apocalypse from spreading? We can’t wait to find out.


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Season 2 is out on Netflix and ready to be binge watched. Feast your eyes on our favorite undead comedy with a free 30-day subscription from Globe.