Donny Pangilinan Talks All About The Pool Show


From the comfort of that iconic blue pool, of course



It’s not every day that a guest joins a show… without knowing he’s going to host it. But hey, by now we should know that anything and everything is possible here. Welcome to the sweet spot between the crazy and the cool, the monthly space to watch and the virtual place to be. That’s right, we’re talking about The Pool Show.


In last month’s episode of the all-out, over-the-top, webshow, we got our first taste of the games, giveaways and segments that set it apart from every existing production on the web. We also got to meet the hosts: there’s ringleader Bela Padilla, along with segment hosts Aaron Atayde, Bea Benedicto, Suzy Gamboa and the surprise addition to the gang, Donny Pangilinan.


With just a little time to spare before the next episode goes on air next week, go! caught up with Donny (in the show’s signature blow-up pool, no less) to talk about his new hosting stint, his favorite off-cam moments and all things wild and poolish.


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You were first teased as an extra celebrity guest for the first episode of The Pool Show and then you were turned into an host. What was that like?


Donny: That was, I think, my favorite part of the episode! Thanks, guys. ‘Di sinabi sa ‘kin na magiging host pala ako. It’s so cool because the hosting that I do is basically something like The Pool Show, so [this] is something I was very familiar with. I just love fun hosting, ‘yung hosting na walang masyadong guidelines. It’s just us. I’m really just blessed that I’m part of The Pool Show. Thank you so much, guys.


What do you think sets The Pool Show apart from every other webshow out there?


Donny: This is the only show that we do in a pool, right guys? I love the concepts, the segments and I think the number one thing that separates it from everyone else is the staff behind the show. They’re amazing; they’re very creative and smart. It’s like a family.


What were some of your favorite moments from the filming?


Donny: I didn’t expect to win Lung Distance! I thought I was at 15 seconds or 10 seconds, then when I saw it, ilan ba? 32 seconds? I held my breath for that long! I didn’t know I was that talented in terms of breathing. The funniest thing… I did my makeup super last minute. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get in on time. Another thing was that I didn’t really know the hosts beforehand that well. I knew of Bela before. We’ve met a few times, but I’ve never experienced hosting a show with them. I didn’t expect it to be that much fun, but the hosts are super outgoing and they welcomed me like family as well.


Who is one person or group you want feature on The Pool Show? It can be anyone in the world!


Donny: That’s a really hard question… Aquaman! Nasa pool tayo eh.


The Pool Show has different segments; so far Suzy and Aaron have done Poolutan, Bea has done Cannonball. What is one segment you wish you could steal from your fellow hosts?


Donny: Steal from my fellow hosts?! Wow… Poolutan was fun, but I want to do it with them still. I’m a teamwork guy!


What can viewers expect from The Pool Show from here on out?


Donny: Just expect to have so much fun, especially with you guys! We’re gonna have a lot of special guests, a lot of fun activities, and us, the hosts, you’ll see our contagious energy. Expect an online show like never before. We guarantee it!


Alright, one last thing! Could you invite your fans and our readers to tune into The Pool Show?



You heard the guy! You won’t want to miss out on any of the madness coming your way. Keep up with The Pool Show on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!